Rivalry esports betting news - Grant Flannery appointed head of marketing
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Rivalry, an international sports betting and entertainment company, just launched its online esports and traditional sports betting services in Australia following the firm’s recent launch in Ontario, Canada.

Rivalry is aimed at making esports more fun and exciting by providing top-notch content and a competitive platform. The company also aims to provide customers with a unique betting experience, which is why it created a betting academy for new customers and publishes esports-related news.

Rivalry’s Co-Founder and CEO, Steven Salz, expressed his excitement about the company being able to serve the Australian esports betting market.

“We are very excited to bring Rivalry to our customers in Australia,” Salz said.

“We take a very different approach than other traditional betting operators, and have been particularly successful among Gen Z and young Millennials across the globe.

“We are very eager to start building our brand equity in Australia through a series of innovative activations and campaigns as we ramp up services throughout the remainder of 2022. As we do everywhere, servicing and helping to grow the esports and gaming community will be a priority for us.”

Rivalry received a sports bookmaker license from the Northern Territory Racing Commission in February this year and carried out its first betting services in Australia last week. The sports bookmaker license grants Rivalry the right to offer major esports and traditional sports betting throughout Australia.

In addition to the traditional sports services, customers are also permitted to place bets on esports games such as Call of Duty, Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Overwatch, and much more.

The move in Australia followed after Rivalry launched its online sportsbook services in Ontario, Canada, which officially opened its regulated online gambling market on April 4.

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