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Reports suggest that OpTic Gaming will not be a part of the franchises selected for the Valorant franchised league set to begin in 2023. The team who recently finished as runner-ups in the just concluded 2022 Valorant Champions held In Istanbul after losing to LOUD, might likely be missing in action in 2023.

Despite their impressive run this season, they were reportedly not selected among the 30 partnered teams for the franchised league. The news was announced by esports journalist Kevin Hitt and was revealed at the same time Pujan “FNS” Mehta, OpTic’s in-game leader, announced that he was leaving the NA team via an Instagram post.


In addition to their runner-up spot during the Valorant Champions, OpTic went on to win the Masters: Reykjavík and finished third in the Masters: Copenhagen. The American franchise also got second place back-to-back after giving an impressive performance in the regional Challengers leagues. They gave a stellar performance this season, finishing the season as one of the best performing Valorant teams.

Esports organizations like NRG, Sentinels, and Cloud9 all had less impressive performances this year and were reportedly accepted into Riot Games’ partnership league. Other Valorant partnered teams in America include LOUD, 100 Thieves, NRG, FURIA, Leviatán, KRÜ, and MIBR, with only one slot left.

Teams selected for the partnership are currently being contacted by the game developer and will compete in one international Valorant league out of three, which will take place next year. The 2023 Valorant league is said to commence with a kick-off tournament set to take place in February. The event will have all 30 partnered squads in São Paulo, Brazil competing against each other.

Besides OpTic, TSM was reportedly not selected as one of the partnered teams. The decision will undoubtedly put a halt to the organization’s plans to acquire the entire OpTic team during the offseason. The team previously intended to acquire OpTic’s roster despite the contracts of players like Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen and Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker still being alive and requiring buyouts.

It is uncertain what will happen to the OpTic lineup now, but the team previously revealed their desire to stay put as a core six. Depending on what happens during the off-season, the lineup could be split up and be placed into separate squads. At the moment, neither Optic nor TSM has confirmed or denied the partnership league reports.

Via unconfirmed sources, G2 was originally supposed to have a slot in the partnership league. However, the organization’s recent controversy led Riot Games to retract the spot. The CEO and owner of G2, Carlos Rodríguez, recently came under fire for a controversial post and statement and is currently suspended without pay for the next eight weeks.

Teams from the EMEA region, like Vitality, Natus Vincere, Team Liquid, Heretics, Fnatic, Giants, and BBL Esports, were all reportedly accepted into the partnership league. At the moment, 10 slots are left in the region.

Some Asian teams, which include DRX and Paper Rex, are currently vying to earn a spot in the partnership league.
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