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IT is the ongoing question of the gaming and computing world — when will artificial intelligence take over?

Well, when it comes to the world of Dota 2, that question was put to the test with interesting results.

OG, the International 8 champion and MDL Paris Major qualifier, were invited to take on an advanced gaming AI program, OpenAI, in a show match at San Francisco last Saturday.

The show match was playing under several limitations including no purchasing of Divine Rapier, Bottle and Smoke of Deceit.

No scan function could be used by either team and the Human Team was not allowed to pick heroes that summon units or illusions, so Manta Style and Necromaniac were not allowed.


So, how did the match-up unfold? Let’s take a look at the highlights of the best-of-three series:

In game one, OpenAi drafted Sniper, Gyrocopter, Crystal Maiden, Death Prophet and Sven, while OG drafted Earthshaker, Witch Doctor, Viper, Riki and Shadow Fiend.

OpenAi had a better draft because Crystal Maiden constantly provided 2.5 mana regeneration per second to whole team and 8.5 mana regeneration per second to herself.

Sniper, Gyrocopter, Death Prophet and Sven are heroes that have skills on low cool-down time. Extra 2.5 mana regeneration every second definitely helped them in pushing and sustaining the team fight against OG.

With the snowball draft, OpenAI 3(BOT) estimated the probability of winning the game to be above 95% after successfully killing Riki off guard at the 19-minute mark. That prediction was weird because OG was actually still ahead of the OpenAI in net worth.

OpenAI quickly proved its prediction correct, killing the rest of the OG while pushing the mid lane without any casualties.

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Moving forward to game two, OG stole Death Prophet and Sniper from OpenAI in the drafting phase.

OpenAI’s draft included Crystal Maiden, Gyrocopter, Sven, Witch Doctor and Viper.

OG then picked Sniper, Earthshaker, Death Prophet, Slark and Lion.

Team OpenAI were even better in game two, diving into the enemy tier three tower to kill Lion and Slark several times in top lane.

At the 10-minute mark, team OpenAI started to group up and push together, trying their best to secure all tier three towers before the 11-minute mark and they also tore down one set barracks of top lane before the 16-minute mark.

From there, OG could only can defend the high ground and OpenAI eventually won the game.

Team OpenAI illustrated how fair the technology has come. One wonders how it can go in a game where there are no rules and exceptions in the future?

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