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Trenton “Lou” Clements has announced he is stepping down from Complexity Gaming’s Apex Legends roster in order to pursue a streaming career on Twitch.

The 19-year-old American announced his decision this Tuesday with a Twitlonger post in which he cited the growth of his Twitter channel as the main reason why he decided to move away from competitive gaming and focus more on streaming.

“These past few months have been incredible and I’ve learned so much to become a better person and figure in this amazing community that we have grown. Over the past month my Twitch channel has seen some crazy growth and I could not be any happier,” said Lou.

“With this being said, it was really hard to commit to competing like Monsoon [Bowen “Monsoon” Fuller] and Reptar [Ryan “Reptar” Boyd] would have liked me to so I’ve decided to leave the team.”

Lou began his Apex Legends esports career in September 2018 when he joined FlyQuest, but it was not until March 2019 that he left his first mark by finishing second at Strong Esports: 1k Premier Series #1. He attended a handful of other competitions last year but failed to achieve any more outstanding results besides his third-place finish at Liquid Apex Proving Grounds 2 and fourth- place finish at the Rivalcade Apex Legends August Rumble.

Lou parted ways with FlyQuest in January 2020 after the North American esports organisation pulled the plug on their Apex Legends project. He spent the next four months as a free agent before joining Complexity Gaming as a replacement for Gabe “Gabeismon” Brunelle.

At Complexity, Lou consistently competed for high placements in the majority of Tier 3 tournaments he attended. Some of his most notable results include fourth-place finishes in the fifth and sixth seasons of ALGS Online – North America, ALGS Super Regional #1 – Americas, and the >TSM 2020 Invitational.

Despite his relative success in Tier 3 regional competitions, Lou did not attend any Tier 1 events besides the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational in September 2019, nor did he manage to win a single event in his career as an Apex Legends pro.

Although Lou’s professional gaming results have been mixed, he can be happy with the impressive growth of his Twitch channel. In the past month he has gained 12,031 followers and as of July averages 513 viewers, according to TwitchMetrics. Lou’s channel (https://www.twitch.tv/loustreams) is currently the 16th most-watched Apex Legends stream and the 11th most-watched English Apex Legends channel on the popular streaming platform.

While Lou announced he will shift his focus to streaming, he also said, “As far as competing will go, I still will be competing and I’ve already found a few options as to who I will compete with and it’s extremely exciting.”

Complexity Gaming’s Apex Legends roster is now left with only two active members in Reptar and Monsoon. It is not yet known who will fill out the squad, but it’s safe to assume the North American esports organisation will have plenty of options to choose from. The ex-Noble White roster of Nicholas “Vein” Hobbs, Brendan “Onmuu” Pode and Atanas “LionFYD” Dimitrov are all free agents, as is the former Team FiRE player Rafael “bowswer” Canadas.

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