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In the League of Legends scene, Udyr’s rework is notably one of the most sought-after champion changes. The rework was made public a few days ago in a champion roadmap, and since then, fans have been keenly waiting for the release date.

From the looks of things, the release date might be much closer than most think, as League of Legends developer Reav3 has recently hinted at it. Reav3 made a post on Reddit some days ago that postulates that there is a chance the rework will be available on League of Legends’ PBE sometime next week or mid-August.

While the hint could be argued to be subtle and not substantial enough, fans seem to have picked it up and run with it instantly. Regardless, the official announcement is yet to be made and, as such, fans will be required to wait for the big reveal, which could occur at any given time.

Udyr’s rework prides itself on being one of League of Legends’ most ambitious projects over a long period of time. Due to an outdated kit and massive powercreep, the champion has had to be forced out of the meta for quite some time now. The champion is almost unplayable in his current state, which explains why Udyr is rarely selected no matter the gaming scenario.

The rework will see the champion reintroduced into the meta as an upgrade from what he used to be. It will also increase the viability of the champion within the summoner’s rift.

Udyr’s rework has been in the works for a while now. Players have been keen on the champion, patiently awaiting its release since the announcement was made. The previous roadmap offered a brief insight into what the developers have been working on and what the rework might feature.

But the players were not impressed and hoped to see more as most of it was barebones on display. The project has taken a lot of time already and, as such, a substantial showcase was expected, something concrete. With the rework to be released and reintroduced soon, the long wait by Ugyr mains draws close to an end.

Reav3 of League of Legends took to Reddit to share with fans a subtle hint about the release date of Udyr’s rework. He was questioned by fans about the release date of the next champion roadmap, and his response was rather indirect.

He responded by saying: “We don’t have a specific timeframe planned, but it’s usually after every two releases or so. The next one will come after Udyr is released.”

The aforementioned roadmap, according to Reav3, will be released in August, but only after the Udyr rework. He also stated that things are always changing, but that it will most likely be available very soon. Going by his response, fans were able to draw conclusions that Udyr’s rework would likely be available on League of Legends’ PBE in early or mid-August.

“Can we expect to see the roadmap soon after Udyr’s release or will we have to wait a bit into the fall to learn about the Shuriman + monster champions (and whatever else you might have in store)?” a fan asked.

Reav3 replied: “Hmm it should be sometime next month, i think earlier rather then later but stuff always shifts and changes. I recorded it (its a another video one!) but it still has to go through a lot of editing/loc, etc before it will be released.”

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