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After more than a decade in the professional League of Legends scene, Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, a renowned ADC and long-time veteran player, has officially announced his retirement.

This marks his third and, as he emphasizes, final departure from competitive play.

Doublelift initially entered the scene in March 2011 with CLG, later playing for TSM and Team Liquid before concluding his career with 100 Thieves.

Throughout his illustrious career, he secured 13 LCS split titles and achieved membership in the 1,000 kill career club, showcasing his prowess as a top-tier AD carry. Notably, he boasts an impressive record of 10 pentakills on the professional stage.

His past retirements were driven by different factors.

The first time, he cited mental strain and a perceived hindrance to his performance, prompting a break for a much-needed mental reset.

The second retirement occurred due to a lack of attractive team offers, leading him to transition into content creation through streaming and co-streaming the LCS.

In this latest retirement announcement, Doublelift highlighted several reasons for his decision.

Foremost among them is his concern about the impact of budget cuts on the North American region, leading to a diminished ability to maintain competitive rosters and acquire emerging talent.

While specific sources validating these concerns are absent, Doublelift expressed worry about the declining resources affecting the LCS.

Moreover, Doublelift noted a shifting focus in his personal life, with aspirations for marriage and starting a family.

He emphasized that his decision is not driven by financial motives, but rather by the evolving landscape of the league and his changing life goals.

Despite the projected challenges for the LCS, recent developments, such as NRG’s strong performance in Worlds 2023, challenge the narrative of an irreversible decline.

NRG, the winner of the 2023 Summer split, reached the quarterfinals, surpassing even some LEC teams.

Doublelift confirmed that, despite retiring from professional play, he intends to fully engage in content creation.

This includes regular streaming, climbing the ranked ladder, and potentially participating in casual tournaments.

Fans can catch his content on his Twitch channel at

Peter ‘Doublelift’ Peng made the retirement announcement on December 2, 2023, through a comprehensive 14-minute interview, stressing that this decision is final and driven by a combination of personal and professional factors.

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