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The League of Legends Championship Series LCS is poised to make a significant shift, returning to best-of-three series for the 2024 Summer Split regular season after six and a half years of best-of-one play.

This change, reported by League content creator Travis Gafford, aligns the North American League of Legends competition with China’s LPL and Korea’s LCK, both of which have consistently featured best-of-three formats.

Fans are welcoming this move with enthusiasm, seeing it as a boon for those who follow specific teams closely.

Commissioner Mark “MarkZ” Zimmerman’s direction for the league has garnered praise, with many viewing this transition as a positive step forward.

However, Riot Games is cautious about expanding play across too many days, opting to maintain a relatively compact schedule.

Despite the format change, the LCS won’t significantly increase its number of play days, as Riot Games plans to shift the regular season to a single round-robin format.

Playoffs will continue as best-of-fives, consistent with previous years.

One notable addition to the Summer Split schedule is a two-week break for the 2024 Esports World Cup, following a similar break during the Spring Split for the VALORANT VCT Americas Kickoff tournament.

This decision reflects the league’s commitment to accommodating major esports events without disrupting its own schedule.

Commissioner MarkZ has hinted at this format change since February, acknowledging fan desires for such a shift.

The reduction in LCS teams from 10 to 8 has also contributed to the timing of this change, seen by many as an opportunity to rejuvenate the league’s viewership.

Overall, the transition to best-of-three series in the LCS signals a significant evolution for the league, driven by both fan demand and strategic decisions from league management.

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