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The League of Legends Championship Series has announced major changes for the 2024 Summer Split, aimed at enhancing the viewing experience and aligning with a “fan first” approach.

These changes, detailed by LCS commissioner Mark ‘MarkZ’ Zimmerman on June 3, include the return of the best-of-three series, a gauntlet-style lower bracket for playoffs, and a notable but less emphasized addition: a Twitch extension for the LCS main channel.

MarkZ highlighted that these changes are in the testing phase as Riot Games seeks to gather more data on viewership and the fan experience before making any further adjustments for 2025 or beyond.

The Twitch extension will allow viewers to access detailed build and game information live during gameplay, which is particularly beneficial on the live patch.

This feature is expected to attract both hardcore fans and new players by providing insights into how professional players navigate new updates, items, champions, and systems.

The introduction of the best-of-three format for the regular season is a response to fan feedback, drawing comparisons to the LPL and LCK.

This format allows teams to showcase their skills and strategies in more matches, focusing on a single opponent each week.

The new playoff format will place all qualifying teams in the winners bracket, with a gauntlet-style lower bracket that could enable dramatic Cinderella runs to the championship.

The top two seeds will receive a first-round bye, with the top team having the advantage of choosing their side of the upper bracket.

This format could see scenarios where the top team plays only two playoff series before the LCS Championship, while another team could play up to five series, emphasizing both consistent excellence and underdog resilience.

With three spots at LoL Worlds 2024 up for grabs, the 2024 Summer Split promises to be thrilling for North American League of Legends fans.

The action kicks off on Saturday, June 15, and fans are eagerly anticipating the new and improved LCS experience.

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