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North America Esports Betting News

League of Legends: INF Dominating North American Scouting Grounds

On Thursday, Team Infernal Drake won their two games against OCN and CLD in their LoL maps. They’re currently on a 4-win streak with these two victories and lost only two games out of ten in the tournament. Will we be betting on some INF players in the next League Championship Series?

CSGO: EG Starts Strong on IEM

Starting the B Group matches for the Intel Extreme Masters XV Beijing Haidian North America, Evil Geniuses defeated Rebirth. EG won the best of three 2-0, with 16-7 rounds in both games.

Team Liquid and Chaos EC already have their spot in the semifinals, with Liquid outperforming Chaos so far. EG was the favorite for their opening game, so it seems this season’s bookmakers are doing an excellent job on their predictions.

Asia Esports Betting News

League of Legends: NEST Getting Close to Bracket Stage

With only two more matches to the end of the NEST Group Stage, players are getting ready to meet face-to-face. Vici is the clear favorite for their upcoming games against Invictus, but Oh My God vs. LGD should be a bit tighter. Sportsbooks show higher odds for OMG, so LGD is favored to win for now.

Mineski Global partners with VPGAME

The Mineski Global organization and esports platform VPGAME have teamed up to promote more esports offerings in the region. They’ll be sharing resources in a collaboration to improve fan engagement initiatives and joint tournaments.

VPGAME will handle community activations and reward distribution, while Mineski Global will lead the organization and marketing of upcoming events.

Africa Esports Betting News

CSGO: Energy Esports Beat Goliath Gaming for ESEA

The Energy Esports Team triumphed with a 2-0 in their last best-of-three match against Goliath, winning both games 16-10. They’ll move on to the CS: GO ESEA semifinals to face DNMK. The game is scheduled for 11/16/20, 3:00 PM. Be sure to follow the odds and post your bets on your favorite African betting sites.

Europe Esports Betting News

FIFA: Udinese Esports Partners with BenQ

The Italian sports team has announced a partnership with Taiwanese tech company BenQ. BenQ will be providing them all new MOBIUZ monitors. How much will this new gear help them in practice?

We should be seeing them compete soon in the upcoming eSerie A TIM, the PS4 official FIFA League in Italy. With no official date for the tournament since its postponement, bookmakers haven’t given us any odds yet, but this partnership might improve Udinese’s chances.

South America Esports Betting News

Rainbow Six Siege: Team Liquid Champions

Liquid won the November 2020 RAinbow Six Siege Major in Brazil this Friday. They’re back on top as the best national team after a bad performance in their last tournament. The players really did come together as a family and are more challenging than ever. Let’s see how their odds increase in Brazilian betting sites these next days.

Oceania Esports Betting News

CSGO: IEM Kicks Off

The Intel Extreme Masters XV Beijing Haidian Oceania tournament began this Friday, with Avant Gaming beating ORDER 2-1. This Saturday, Renegades and VERTEX face each other, with sportsbooks favoring the Renegades by a large margin.

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