CSGO News - first major of 2023 to be held in Paris
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The upcoming IEM Rio Major Regional Major Ranking (RMR) will feature over 50 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams worldwide and take place in three different locations.

The results of the RMR tournament will determine which teams will head on to the last tournament sponsored by Valve in 2022, the IEM Rio Major in November.

After the RMR, only 24 teams will be cleared to participate in the IEM Rio Major. The tournament’s organizer, ESL, posted on their website the dates and locations of the RMR events that will take place in October.

The European RMR A and B will be held in the Mediterranean Island state of Malta and will kick off on October 4. The Americas RMR will be hosted in Sweden and will commence on October 5, while the Asia RMR event will be held in Australia and is scheduled to begin on October 7.

The CS: GO tournaments across the different locations will come to a close on October 9.
The previous RMRs, which took place earlier this year for the PGL Major in Antwerp were organized in such a way that each competition in the respective regions was held one after the other.

In contrast, the upcoming event will be held simultaneously from October 4-9. 
The change to the will ensure that compared to the last Major cycle, the upcoming RMR phase will have eight days less. This Major cycle will also feature different venues for every RMR event, unlike the last that took place in the same location.

The European RMR in Malta will host 32 CS:GO teams that qualified for the IEM Road to Rio Europe RMRs.

The teams qualified based on their finishes in the open qualifiers or the PGL Major Antwerp, held from August 15 to August 28.

The teams will be split into A and B tournaments with 16 teams each. They will compete via a Swiss system format stage, and besides the advancement and elimination games, every other match will be best-of-ones.

Eight slots for the November Major will be available in each tournament, and upon qualification, 16 teams will travel to Brazil to compete in the IEM Rio Major. 

Sixteen North and South American teams will compete in the Americas RMR at the IEM Rio Major for six spots in the Major, with the winning roster attaining the Legends status, alongside the second, third and fourth franchise.

Only three teams from the PGL Antwerp Major that took place in May are currently a part of the event. The remaining 13 teams will be determined via the open qualifiers.

The tournament will take place at ESL’s studio facility in Stockholm, Sweden, and will run simultaneously with the tournaments in Malta. Stockholm was selected in a bid to avoid any major issues or delays with visa applications. 

The Asia RMR, on their part, will have only four teams participating, and two spots for the Major will be available. The tournament will take place at PAX Aus in Melbourne (Top AU esports betting sites) at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre and will carry on from October 7 to October 9.

In September, the selection of the teams that will compete at the RMRs will be completed. At the moment, a number of teams in Europe and the Americas have already qualified to be a part of the tournament via the open qualifiers.

Asia, on the other hand, will host an open and a closed qualifier in order to select the four teams from Asia, the Middle East and Oceania that will be a part of the tournament.

Below are lists of the currently qualified teams for the European RMR A & B and American RMR via the PGL Major Antwerp, NA & SA Qualifiers.

European RMR A

    • FaZe Clan (PGL Major Antwerp)
    • Team Spirit (PGL Major Antwerp)
    • Ninjas in Pyjamas (PGL Major Antwerp)
    • G2 Esports (PGL Major Antwerp)
    • Cloud9 (PGL Major Antwerp)
    • Bad News Eagles (PGL Major Antwerp)

    European RMR B

    • Natus Vincere (PGL Major Antwerp)
    • ENCE (PGL Major Antwerp)
    • Heroic (PGL Major Antwerp)
    • Team Vitality (PGL Major Antwerp)
    • BIG (PGL Major Antwerp)
    • Outsiders (PGL Major Antwerp)

    American RMR

    • FURIA Esports (PGL Major Antwerp)
    • Imperial Esports (PGL Major Antwerp)
    • Team Liquid (PGL Major Antwerp)
    • Complexity Gaming (NA Qualifiers)
    • ex-Gaimin (NA Qualifiers)
    • pain Gaming (SA Qualifiers)
    • MIBR (SA Qualifiers)
    • 00 Nation (SA Qualifiers)

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