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Most supporters of VALORANT would want to see the addition of a ‘commend’ system, which would help reward positive or supportive team members while drawing attention to unhealthy gamers.

It is very important for players in tiered games to communicate and cooperate in VALORANT. The quality of one’s teammates may have a considerable influence not only on the outcome of a match but also on the experience as a whole. Each player enters the lineup with the expectation that they will be placed with a group of players who share their values and who will cooperate in order to advance the goals of the squad without being chaotic or negative.

There are a lot of gamers that desire there was a commend system like in various other games like Overwatch or League of Legends that could be used to reward teammates who are helpful and positive to other players.

Krazy Monqui, a team member on VALORANT, just recently presented their thoughts on a commend system to the community. They explained how the mechanism could possibly provide players with in-game cash while revealing individuals that cause problems.

In order for players to inform Riot that they contributed to the development of a favorable atmosphere, they might, at the conclusion of a game, compliment their teammates on effective communication, cooperative play, and other beneficial qualities. It is possible that players who earn a sufficient number of accolades may receive in-game cash, which will encourage them to be helpful to their colleagues.

It’s possible that players who are not getting commendations should raise a red flag, particularly if they are also getting trolled for toxic conduct at the same time. A commend system might reward and promote positive conduct while also assisting Riot in identifying players that are negatively impacting the overall game experience.

There was widespread consensus among players in favor of the suggested methodology, even though it is still unknown whether the creators have any plans to implement a commend system in the near future. Riot will demonstrate its commitment to enhancing the VALORANT experience by announcing the covert launch of a voice assessment system the following month. This will take place in VALORANT. Another item that would be beneficial would be a commend system.

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