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ESB brings you free esports betting tips for a pair of Valorant Champions 2023 matches on Thursday, August 24. Here are our selections for Paper Rex vs Evil Geniuses and Fnatic vs LOUD, with odds courtesy of the best Valorant betting sites for gamblers in United States.


Best Odds: PR -125 at BetOnline | EG -106.38 at BetOnline
When: August 24, 2023 | 12:00 PDT
Watch Live: Twitch (

Paper Rex have been phenomenal so far this tournament, and they have yet to play a bad game. Paper Rex cruised through the group stage with wins against KRU Esports (2-0) and EDward Gaming (2-0), then humiliated FUT Esports (13-10, 13-4) in the quarterfinals and defeated the defending Valorant world champions LOUD (2-1) in the semis.

Against LOUD, Paper Rex had to dig deeper to come out ahead. They got crushed on Split (2-13) and needed overtime on Lotus (15-13). But overall, Khalish “d4v41” Rusyaidee and co. have yet to give us a reason to doubt them.

Evil Geniuses have looked just as good on their road to the Valorant Champions 2023 upper-bracket finals, but they also had to play weaker teams. They’ve so far beaten FunPlus Phoenix (2-0), FUT Esports (2-0), EDward Gaming (1-2), and DRX (0-2).

The teams share the same map pool, and talent-wise, they look equal. We have to take into account that EG’s Max “Demon1” Mazanov (1.31) and Ethan “Ethan” Arnold (1.20) are two of the best-performing players in the tournament. However, Evil Geniuses had an easier schedule, and as a unit, they’re not as cohesive as Paper Rex.

Paper Rex will likely edge out a win, but this should be a close game that goes the distance.

Over 2.5 total maps



Best Odds: Fnatic -175.44 at BetOnline | LOUD +125 at BetOnline
When: August 24, 2023 | 15:00 PDT
Watch Live: Twitch (

Fnatic and LOUD will clash in the Valorant Champions 2023 lower-bracket semifinal. It’ll mark a rematch from the upper-bracket quarterfinals, where LOUD won 2-0. However, despite beating Fnatic last week, LOUD enter this match as underdogs.

This isn’t too surprising, considering LOUD’s 2-0 sweep of Fnatic is widely considered a huge fluke, and it likely was. Fnatic are by far the best-performing and most consistent Valorant esports team in the world, whereas LOUD tend to be more streaky. They’ll have their moments, but LOUD haven’t looked too amazing this season or at Valorant Champions 2023.

They barely made it through the group stage, and after upsetting Fnatic, LOUD lost against Paper Rex. In their defence, Paper Rex are powerful, and LOUD still played a fairly close series against the VCT Pacific League representatives.

Even though LOUD defeated Fnatic last time, it’s tough to believe they can do it again. Still, LOUD are no pushovers and should be able to cause Fnatic some problems again.

Over 2.5 total maps


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