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Team Liquid have run into an unfortunate problem while playing at the North American Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Major qualifiers, where they lost a crucial match due to two of their players crashing out of the game.

Team Liquid entered the qualifiers on Sunday, January 26 aspiring to secure a top-five finish, which would earn them a direct invite to the playoffs of the first Major tournament of the 2020 Apex Legends esports season.

The trio of Lucas “Mendo” Håkansson, Kevin “Wonderfuls” Nguyen and Justin “Kellar” Kellar started the qualifiers strong, but the Apex Legends gods were seemingly not on their side in the final game of ALGS qualifiers this weekend when Wonderfuls and Kellar both crashed during the game. As a result, the North American squad failed to qualify for the first Major of the 2020 season.

Mendo took to Twitter to talk about what happened to his team, claiming his squad was extremely unlucky with the circles, to begin with, and then suffered an unfortunate technical issue.

“We fail in qualifying for the Major, we got extremely unlucky with circles but even in a winnable situation BOTH of my teammates crashed,” he said.

“This being said, I never had high hopes for this qualifier. The game is in its worst state ever right now, and crashes and lag and circle/loot RNG is absolutely insane.”

Even before the match took place, Kellar talked about his concerns due to the crashes he and the remaining players were experiencing in the days leading to the qualifier.

“I’m scared to play in the ALGS with all these crashes happening to everyone,” he said, while his teammate Wonderfuls posted a picture showing he had experienced similar issues.

Despite all the hype and high expectations for the inaugural season of Apex Legends Global Series, the game as a whole is currently in a very unstable state due to a number of technical faults. One of the key issues is server lag, which Team Liquid experienced during game two of the qualifiers.

Apex Legends has become notorious for in-game lag, crashes to the desktop, performance issues, freezes and other such problems. While the developers at Respawn have been working hard on releasing hotfixes, they have been unable to get rid of critical errors that affect both the casual player and the esports pro.

Since Respawn have failed to fix the notorious “code:leaf” error to date, it remains to be seen whether the Apex Legends developer will find a solution before the first Major of the ALGS season. Major 1 is set to kick off on March 13, 2020 at Esports Stadium in Arlington, Virginia, and will feature 60 Apex teams from eight regions playing for 337,200 ALGS Points and a US $500,000 prize pool.

The 2020 ALGS season was announced in December as a way to overhaul the Apex Legends esports scene, which has failed to gain traction since its launch. The inaugural ALGS season consists of 10 online tournaments, eight Premier tournaments and four Major tournaments. The last Major of the season, dubbed the Apex Legends Global Series Championship, will serve as a culminating event of the season, with the winners crowned as Apex Legends Champions.

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