LOL Pro League picks for January 23 2021
by Jur Dava in
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The 2021 League of Legends Pro League (LPL) Spring got off to a very chaotic start with some of the strongest Chinese LoL teams struggling to find their footing, including the 2019 world champions FunPlus Phoenix, who will hope they can bounce back on Tuesday when they clash with Rogue Warriors. Here is our free esports betting prediction and best odds courtesy of the top esports betting sites for the matches taking place on 19/1/2021.


Event: LOL Pro League
LoL odds: RW +394 at BetOnline | FPX -666.67 at BetOnline
When: January 19, 2021 at 17:00 CST
Watch Live: Twitch, Lolesports

For a casual LoL fan, this match might come off as completely one-sided and while there is some truth in that, we are not ready to give up on Rogue Warriors yet. The League of Legends LPL is known for a very aggressive style of play and Rogue Warriors are a prime example of a team that likes fast-paced, chaotic games.

What RW lack in individual quality, they more than compensate with their aggressive playstyle, which makes them a punch up underdog, although a fairly unreliable team in the long run. RW tend to engage in fights every chance they have, which disrupts the flow of the game and often leaves their opponents in disarray. Although that makes their games fun to watch, it’s far from good gameplay.

Normally we would side with FunPlus Phoenix to teach RW a lesson about proper macro play, but their recent showings were anything but promising. FPX are way too overpriced, and it seems like the latest LoL betting odds are based way too much on hype and public perception.

Rogue Warriors +1.5 maps


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