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Riot Games has provisionally suspended Wong “JayH” Jia Heng, a professional VALORANT player, over alleged match-fixing activities.

The suspension, announced by the VALORANT Challengers Malaysia and Singapore circuit, has stirred controversy and prompted a response from JayH himself.

In a statement released on April 30, the tournament organizer cited a thorough compliance review that pointed to JayH’s alleged involvement in match-fixing prior to his participation in the VALORANT Challengers League (VCL) 2024 Malaysia/Singapore: Split 1.

Consequently, JayH has been suspended from all Riot Games esports events and third-party tournaments until further notice, pending review and adjudication.

JayH promptly refuted the allegations, asserting his innocence and expressing concern over the damage to his reputation, particularly noting the lack of prior communication from the organizers regarding the investigation.

The player emphasized his willingness to cooperate with the ongoing inquiries.

Following JayH’s response, the league confirmed that they had initiated communication with him regarding the issue, giving him 48 hours to respond to the allegations.

However, the exact instances of alleged match-fixing remain unclear, with Riot Games only specifying that it occurred before the VALORANT Challengers 2024 Malaysia and Singapore circuit.

This suspension comes amid a broader discussion about the handling of such allegations in esports.

Notably, while JayH’s suspension is provisional, the consequences of such allegations can have long-lasting effects on a player’s career and reputation.

Moreover, the situation parallels a previous case in the same league involving another player, highlighting the increasing scrutiny on integrity in esports competitions.

As investigations continue, the esports community awaits further developments and potential clarifications from Riot Games regarding the outcome of their review.

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