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The 14th season of League of Legends esports is upon us, and Riot Games has announced the changes that will come into effect for the upcoming season.

Along with the announcement of where and when both the Mid-Season Invitational and World Championships will be held, Riot also confirmed the start date for each region’s competitions.

However, the biggest change to the 2024 season will involve both the MSI and Worlds, as the winner of the Mid-Season Invitational will earn an automatic spot at LoL Worlds 2024, and the next best-performing region will gain an additional slot for their region at the World Championships.

Riot explained that they “want to continue increasing the stakes around MSI and create a stronger connection between MSI and Worlds”.

Although the winner of MSI will automatically qualify for Worlds later in the year, Riot has also announced that the team that qualifies for Worlds will need to commit to success and must qualify for their region’s summer playoffs.

Due to the changes, the LEC, LCK, LCS and LPL will have three Worlds slots, while the PCS and VCS will retain two slots, and the LLA and CBLOL will keep their singular slots.

The Mid-Season Invitational will be held in Chengdu, China, from May 1–19, and the World Championships will take place from September 25–November 2 across Europe, with Berlin, Paris and London set to host different stages of the tournament.

Finally, the start date of every regional tournament has been confirmed by Riot Games, with the list below displaying the start date of each season.

Regional season start dates

  • LEC : January 13
  • LLA : January 16
  • LCK : January 17
  • PCS : January 19
  • LCS : January 20
  • VCS : January 20
  • CBLOL : January 20
  • LPL : January 22

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