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Riot Games has made waves in the esports world with the announcement of a brand-new international League of Legends tournament set to debut in the 2025 season.

Alongside this exciting addition, Riot revealed plans for a comprehensive restructuring of the League of Legends competitive landscape.

The as-yet-unnamed tournament, slated for March, will feature five elite teams representing the LEC, LPL, LCK, and the newly-formed Americas and APAC leagues.

To accommodate this prestigious event, all regional leagues will transition to a three-split format, mirroring the successful model of the LEC.

This major overhaul reflects Riot’s commitment to ensuring the long-term sustainability of League of Legends esports.

Key changes include the proposed amalgamation of the LCS, LLA, and CBLOL into a unified Americas league, similar to the structure of VALORANT esports.

Additionally, the LCO, PCS, VCS, and LJL will merge to form the APAC league.

The new tournament, while smaller in scale compared to Worlds, will serve as a crucial addition to the global esports calendar, fulfilling the desires of players and fans alike for more international competition.

Following the Winter Split, teams will vie for a coveted spot in the inaugural event, with subsequent splits leading to the Mid-Season Invitational and the pinnacle of competitive play, the World Championship.

Each region’s allocation of slots in international events will be adjusted to accommodate the new tournament, with the top-performing regions earning additional spots at Worlds.

Furthermore, Riot plans to integrate the results of the new tournament into the seeding for MSI, ensuring a seamless connection between global events.

In conjunction with these changes, Riot aims to enhance the competitive experience with the introduction of the Fearless Draft mode in both regional and international play, adding an element of unpredictability and diversity to champion selection.

Overall, Riot’s ambitious plans for the 2025 season signal a new era for League of Legends esports, marked by increased global connectivity and heightened competition.

Fans can anticipate further details on the tournament and its impact on the competitive landscape in the months to come.

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