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Week 4 of the 3rd stage of the Overwatch League is well underway and there are 6 more matches to be played over the coming days. Several great betting opportunities are available but before I start analyzing them, let’s take a look at the current standings table.

  • 1st place: Boston Uprising (7 WINS – 0 LOSSES)
  • 2nd place: New York Excelsior (5 WINS – 1 LOSS)
  • 3rd place: Los Angeles Valiant (5 WINS – 2 LOSSES)
  • 4th place: San Francisco Shock (4 WINS – 2 LOSSES)
  • 5th place: Houston Outlaws (4 WINS – 3 LOSSES)
  • 6th place: Los Angeles Gladiators (3 WINS – 3 LOSSES)
  • 7th place: Seoul Dynasty (3 WINS – 3 LOSSES)
  • 8th place: Philadelphia Fusion (3 WINS – 3 LOSSES)
  • 9th place: London Spitfire (2 WINS – 4 LOSSES)
  • 10th place: Florida Mayhem (2 WINS – 5 LOSSES)
  • 11th place: Dallas Fuel (1 WIN – 6 LOSSES)
  • 12th place: Shanghai Dragons (0 WINS – 7 LOSSES)


Betting predictions

Dallas Fuel (1 W – 6 L) vs. Boston Uprising (7 W – 0 L)

Match date: April 27th
Odds: to be announced

Dallas Fuel has been on the ropes for a very long time and the team is now in free fall. In Stage 2, Dallas Fuel finished second to last with a record of 2 wins and 8 losses. In Stage 3, it looks like history is repeating itself and I fully expect them to lose every single match from now on, simply because there isn’t anyone to beat at their current level of play. The only victory that Dallas Fuel got so far in Stage 3 was against Shanghai Dragons.

At the other extreme, we’ve got Boston Uprising, a team that simply cannot be stopped in this stage. Uprising is looking more and more dominant with every passing week, defeating opponents regardless of their skill level, current form and past results. Formidable teams like London Spitfire, New York Excelsior, Philadelphia Fusion, Seoul Dynasty and Houston Outlaws failed against Uprising in Stage 3, making this team look almost invincible. With one exception (Los Angeles Valiant), Boston Uprising has already beaten the league’s toughest opponents.

Betting prediction: Boston Uprising to win.

Los Angeles Gladiators (3 W – 3 L) vs. Houston Outlaws (4 W – 3 L)

Match date: April 27th
Odds: to be announced

Los Angeles Gladiators had a bad start in Stage 3 and suffered a shocking defeat at the hands of San Francisco Shock. But then it went on to win against Dallas Fuel, Shanghai Dragons and even Seoul Dynasty. Last week however, Gladiators lost two big matches, against Los Angeles Valiant and New York Excelsior. However, both of these matches were very close (score 2 – 3), proving that the team is deceptively strong in spite of its mediocre results.

After finishing Stage 1 on the podium and getting a mediocre result in Stage 2 (7th place), Houston Outlaws started Stage 3 with some poor results and a victory against London Spitfire. However, keep in mind that these bad results came against the 3 strongest teams in OWL at the moment: Boston Uprising, New York Excelsior and Philadelphia Fusion. And 2 of these 3 matches were actually really close (score 2 – 3). Subsequently, we can conclude that in spite of its poor start, Houston Outlaws is actually a fairly strong team. Last week, Outlaws defeated 2 weak opponents, Dallas Fuel and Florida Mayhem. This week they already got another important win, but this time against a top opponent (Los Angeles Valiant), getting their Stage 3 record up to 4 wins and 3 losses.

Betting prediction: Houston Outlaws to win.

Los Angeles Valiant (5 W – 2 L) vs. Florida Mayhem (2 W – 5 L)

Match date: April 27th
Odds: to be announced

In its first 5 matches, Los Angeles Valiant crushed every opponent in a convincing way. Seoul Dynasty, Shanghai Dragons, San Francisco Shock, Dallas Fuel and Los Angeles Gladiators experienced Valiant’s might and fell quickly (the first 3 without winning a single map). In its 6th and 7th matches however, LA Valiant suffered 2 defeats at the hands of London Spitfire and Houston Outlaws.

On the other side, Florida Mayhem, in spite of beating Dallas Fuel this week, is still a very poor team and has absolutely no chance of upsetting Valiant in this match.

Betting prediction: Los Angeles Valiant to win.

San Francisco Shock (4 W – 2 L) vs. London Spitfire (2 W – 4 L)

Match date: April 28th
Odds: to be announced

Along with Boston Uprising, this team has played much better than usual in Stage 3 and is currently sitting at number 4 in the rankings table. San Francisco Shock’s defeats came against very strong teams (Los Angeles Valiant and Seoul Dynasty), while 2 of its victories were obtained against fairly strong sides (Los Angeles Gladiators and Philadelphia Fusion). Going forward, we might see some more wins from Shock, although the road ahead certainly looks much tougher than the first 3 weeks.
London Spitfire is not doing too well at the moment, although it won last week against Los Angeles Valiant. However, Spitfire is still very likely to beat San Francisco Shock, being a better team in almost every way.

Betting prediction: London Spitfire to win.

Seoul Dynasty (3 W – 3 L) vs. New York Excelsior (5 W – 1 L)

Match date: April 28th
Odds: to be announced
New York Excelsior is the strongest team in OWL in terms of overall results, and is also in excellent shape at the moment, sitting at number 2 in the Stage 3 standings table with 5 wins and 1 loss (against Boston Uprising).
No matter what statistics you want to look at, New York Excelsior is the clear favorite in this match.

Shanghai Dragons (0 W – 7 L) vs. Philadelphia Fusion (3 W – 3 L)

Match date: April 28th
Odds: to be announced

Shanghai Dragons is on a 27 losing streak, continuing its descent into the abyss but also doing a great service to Overwatch bettors across the globe.
Although it somehow lost 3 matches so far in Stage 3, Philadelphia Fusion is still a much stronger team than Shanghai Dragons at the moment and will likely win this match without too many problems.

Betting prediction: Philadelphia Fusion to win.

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