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The Australian esports scene has just been sent into a state of shock with the news of ORDER acquiring Renegade’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster. The Oceanic roster swap will see ORDER become the top CS:GO in the region, overthrowing Renegades.

The signing is said to take immediate effect, bringing ORDER’s brief hiatus to an end. The team disbanded its roster about a month ago, on May 4, 2022. The signing is said to consist of all five players, the squad coach, and the team manager.

ORDER’s new CS:GO roster now includes Jordan “Hatz” Bajic, Jay “Liazz” Tregillgas, Alistair “aliStair” Johnston, in-game leader Simon “Sico” Williams, and Joshua “INS” Potter. David “Kingfisher” Kingsford will continue in his role as the head coach of the roster and so will team manager Williams Gray.

Chris Orfanellis, Chief Gaming Officer of ORDER esports spoke about the acquisition of the Top-performing roster in the Australian esports scene. He pledged ORDER’s continuous support of CS:GO and talked about the franchise’s goal of consistently competing on the international scene. He also made known the advancement of the franchise’s esports program, which he said the new signings have come to appreciate and are eager to work with and represent the brand.

“CSGO has always been in our DNA,” Organellis started. “We love the game and we continue to support it in every way. The acquisition of the top-performing Australian roster will see ORDER fight it out on an international level consistently. This group of players have seen the advancement of the ORDER infrastructure and Esports Program and are eager to get to work and represent us and an Australian Brand.”

Team manager William Gray also reacted to the signing over to ORDER. He revealed that he has been a long-time admirer of the franchise. He also made known his respect for the organization in navigating his way into becoming on top.

“I had always been in competition with ORDER back in the Grayhound days which had given me a unique perspective, appreciation, and respect for them in being able to successfully navigate our corner of the world and make their way to the top in competition, structure, and support,” Gray said.

To show the franchise’s depth in the Oceanic esports space, he added that there exists a reason every single player had once played under the ORDER banner. Stating that for them to make a return feels special as “there’s just no place like home.”

“It’s been a long journey from then to now and it’s been awesome to see them continue to grow from strength to strength to the point where it stands the tallest. There’s a reason every single player had once played under this banner, and for all of us, an even better reason to come back. An Aussie team (sorry Sico) returning to an Aussie organization… there’s just no place like home.”

The release also contained a statement from CEO Marc Edwards. He stated that while the franchise has been integral to the growth of Oceanic professionals performing at the highest level across North America and Europe. They are excited to welcome back an entire roster of former players.

“ORDER has a strong history of providing a pathway to Oceanic professionals to perform at the highest level across North America and Europe, and while this often means saying goodbye to star players, the opportunity to welcome back an entire roster of former players is a really exciting moment for everyone involved.”

He also commented on the organization’s aim to support the team in achieving their goals. Adding that the roster is famous and respected for its greatness and the organization’s commitment to keeping it that way.

“The roster is well known and respected amongst our esports peers and we intend to do everything possible to support the players to achieve their goals,” Edwards said. “With the challenges of the last two years behind us, the team will be able to more freely and regularly compete alongside the best in the world, and we have no doubt this will result in the ability to go deeper in international tournaments, climb the HLTV rankings, and provide the entire Oceanic esports community with a team they are proud to support.”

The Aussie esports organization had last month parted ways with its roster, which included Valiance, J1rah, Vexite, Ustilo, and Tucks. This is the first time in the history Of CS:GO where an entire roster who previously played under a team has returned to the team.

Sico, Hatz, and Liazz joined ORDER for the first time years ago from Kings Gaming Club. ORDER had acquired the entire roster in 2018, being a top CS:GO franchise. The team has succeeded in winning six titles amongst top-spot finishes and tons of victories.
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