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This match-up starts on Tuesday, February 12, 2019 – 20:00 UTC+8.

AFTER taking down Kaban in its tie-breaker, OG takes on Vega Squadron in the StarLadder ImbaTV Minor Europe Qualifier playoffs on Tuesday night in what should be an interesting Dota 2 battle.

In recent roster news, OG is sticking with ILTW from the Espada squad for the rest of this tournament. ILTW is a good carry player but has not been good enough to bring OG back to tier one, like Ana did in The International 8.

OG played five matches yesterday, resulting in 2-1 against Kaban and 2-0 against Dota2Players. In their first game against Kaban their draft of Nature Prophet and Enigma was impressive.

Both Enigma and Nature Prophet are flexible in playing position three and support roles. With early picks on these heroes, they can adjust their role according to the enemies’ draft. By the end of the drafting phase, both Enigma and Nature Prophet went for support roles and they picked Night Stalker as their position three.


The draft was very greedy because both Enigma and Nature Prophet need items to join the team fight. On the upside, Enigma and Nature Prophet have the skill of summoning army, so they were able to push before the 10-minute mark and expand their net worth as high as possible in the early phase of the game by tearing down every single tower outside of the enemy’s base.

Other than these two pushers, they also picked Luna as their carry. Luna is always good in pushing, thanks to her second ability, Moon Glaves, which allows her attacks to bounce up to seven times towards enemies. With this ability, Luna is able to clear the creep wave, create space for Enigma and Nature Prophet to break the tower easily.

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With net worth ahead in early stage of the game, they utilized the advantage by purchasing Helm of Dominator which provides attack speed to nearby units. Nature Prophet as position five support player in that game also able to purchase Necromaniac by 17-minute mark.

Necromaniac and Helm of Dominator are very good in pushing because these items provides attack speed. OG had the victory in their hand when Topson, the position two player from the squad achieved Rampage at 24-minute mark which killed 5 enemies within a short duration.

Mage, the previous mid laner from Vega Squadron is replaced by DM. Vega Squadron is doing pretty good with DM, they are practicing a lot of strategy including swapping role between Madara, DM and Khezu.

Swapping role among the three cores always expand their heroes pool knowledge and opponent will be having hard time to counter their draft. However, there is also downside of this strategy, they might have trouble of splitting the farm or resource to the cores because their draft might be very greedy.

OG vs. Vega Squadron betting prediction

After running our eye through the drafting ability, heroes pool knowledge and recent roster changes from both squads, we give OG an 80% chance to win this match-up.

Considering the payout odds, our recommendation is to go medium and bet on OG to win the game at -454.55 or higher at BetOnline.

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