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Evil Geniuses (EG) will take on Virtus Pro (VP) to in the penultimate game of the Dota 2 Kuala Lumpur Major for their chance compete against Team Secret in the Grand Final.

Evil Geniuses’ performance against PSG.LGD and Ninja In Pyjamas (NIP) was exceptional, with Artezzy, the carry position player from Team EG, playing a total four games of Terrorblade yesterday; one game was against PSD.LGD and three games against NIP.

PSG.LGD banned Arc Warden against EG in two games played; EG secured Terrorblade for Arteezy once Moprhing and Arc Warden were no longer their options anymore.

EG had an easy victory in game one especially when Somnus, the position 2 player from PSG.LGD made a huge mistake by running himself into four enemies. EG snared their chance and went to high ground to secure themselves both melee and range barracks out of bottom lanes. EG then had dominant position of the game as they quickly moved to expand their control over the map from there.

However, EG had a tough match in game two when PSG.LGD not only banned Arc Warden in first ban phase but Terrorblade was also banned.

EG had picked Spectre for Arteezy as Morphing, Arc Warden and Terrorblade were not options anymore. Although that game did not favour EG in the early stages, Sumail the position two player from Team EG bought a lot of time for Arteezy to farm his radiance.

Sumail played Puck in that game, his constantly roaming prevented PSG.LGD from assuming full control of the map. Once Spectre bought his Radiance at the 24-minute mark, EG started to win team fights and successfully caught PSG.LGD off guard several time with Spectre’s ultimate skill – Haunt. PSG.LGD called “Good Game” at 44-minute mark when they realized Spectre was unstoppable with their draft.

After a solid victory against PSG.LGD, EG faced off NIP in the Lower Bracket Round of 5.

NIP respected Arteezy’s Arc Warden, and banned Arc Warden in all games they played. However, they did not ban Terrorblade, so EG drafted Terrorblade for Arteezy in all three games.

NIP heavily harassed Arteezy’s Terrorblade in the laning phase of all three games, however Arteezy always able to work back to dominance thanks to his great micromanagement skills securing every last hit with his illusion.

Although EG lost game one, because Arteezy got caught by NIP in 64-minute mark when he tried to buy an item in secret shop while his buyback was still on cooldown.

In game two and game three Arteezy carried team EG to win the match without any silly mistakes in late game. His Terrorblade was unstoppable after getting all his core items, NIP unable to compete against Team EG in Roshan Pit all the time because Terrorblade always pressure the lane with his illusion. NIP could not find a way to counter that pressure nicely and lost the momentum eventually lost the game as well.

Virtus Pro were not afraid of facing Arc Warden yesterday against Team Secret.

They gave Team Secret the advantage of drafting Arc Warden in game two and game three. Despite that they punished Team Secret for their greedy draft of Arc Warden and Obsidian Destroyer in game two heavily.

Team Secret should understand that Obsidian Destroyer is a hero that is unable to create space for team. Arc Warden is somewhat the same but Virtus Pro crushed them with a snowball strategy leaving Team Secret no way to win that game.

In game three Team Secret drafted Ember Spirit to gain themselves some momentum in the battle along with Silencer to create a 30 minute leave pass for Arc Warden to get his core items; Boots of Travel, Mjollnir, and Scythe of Vyse. These items ensured that Nisha was able to catch and kill any hero of Virtus Pro that was alone with his illusion (created with his ultimate skill).

VP struggled to have their Terrorblade align with Arc Warden, but Arc Warden had much more impact no matter in pressuring the lane or team fight.

Team Secret expanded their ever increasing lead, Ember Spirit from Team Secret came “online” with Shiva Guard, Linken Sphere, Octarine Core and Mjollnir; and also did his job by messing up enemies in every team fight. Team Secret secured the game’s victory when they took down Roshan at 46-minute mark and obtained Aegis of Immortal, Cheeze and the game changing item – Refresher Shard to their Centaur Warchief.

Evil Geniuses vs. Virtus Pro betting predictions

After analysing both squad’s synergy and draft of late, we give Virtus Pro a 60% chance of wining this match-up.

Our suggestion is to go small and bet on Virtus Pro at better than $1.7.

The best free esports tip we can give you is to go large on EG if they able to draft Arc Warden for Arteezy at at BetOnline.

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