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Tuesday, March 5, 2019 – 17:00 UTC+8

For The Dream (FTD) and Keen Gaming.Luminous (KG.L) are poised to do battle in a best-of-two series in Group B of the Thunder Fire Spring League.

Neither of them obtained any points yesterday, with KG.L losing to IG Vitality and FTD going down against Newbee.

For The Dream did not think of banning Viper because he was nerfed in patch 7.21c, but Newbee took advantage of that drafting oversight and picked the Netherdrake to counter Elder Titan and Faceless Void.


Viper’s second ability – Nethertoxin – deals 75 damage per second to any units in range of the attack, lowers their magic resistance and breaks their passive skill.

Faceless Void was unable to bash any target under Nethertoxins and Elder Titan’s third skill does not work under these conditions either.

FTD were totally broken in team fights because Faceless Void and Elder Titan had to position themselves very well and always wasted two seconds to walk out from Nethertoxins.

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In game two, they drafted Phantom Assassin into Sven, which was questionable because Sven is always a hero to counter Phantom Assassin with his third ability – Warcry – providing shield health to teammates.

Phantom Assassin was unable to eliminate the supports from Newbee because Sven was always able to shield to himself and his allies.

For The Dream have a lot of work to do on their drafting in patch 7.21c.

KG.L displayed better drafts yesterday, picking Shadow Demon as one of the core hero in their first game against IG Vitality.

That did not go well, however, because Vitality’s Shadow Fiend crushed Shadow Demon in the middle lane by constantly pressuring the lane and farming neutral creeps to speed up his item build.

Shadow Demon was unable to farm as fast as Shadow Fiend because he did not have the skills required to clear the neutral camp.

Shadow Fiend had a net worth of 16,700 while Shadow Demon only had 8,600 at the end of the game.

Keen Gaming.Luminous vs For The Dream betting prediction

After analysing the two teams’ drafting abilities yesterday, we give Keen Gaming.Luminous a 70% chance to win at least one game in this match-up.

As such, we recommend backing KG.L for the double chance at -126.58 odds with BetOnline.

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