Joel Holmlund has been provisionally suspended for betting on CSGO matches
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Former GODSENT player Joel “Joel” Holmlund has been provisionally suspended by the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC), following revelations he wagered on several Counter-Strike matches he was playing in.

Holmlund is being looked at under the Anti-Corruption Code which outlaws esports players from gambling on any esports, including matches they are involved on.

According to ESIC, there’s compelling evidence suggesting Holmlund placed bets on matches he was actively participating in between March 27 and 28. But that’s not the end of it.

On March 31, Holmlund allegedly went a step further, wagering against his own team in a game. From March 29 to May 1, he’s believed to have placed 17 bets across various CS:GO fixtures.

These transgressions were allegedly committed while Holmlund was competing under the banner of the Swedish esports powerhouse, Godsent, during events like BetBoom Playlist Urbanistic and IEM Dallas 2023 Europe Closed Qualifier.

Owing to these grave allegations, ESIC has temporarily benched Holmlund from participating in any tournaments aligned with ESIC members. The exact duration of this suspension remains undisclosed, with a comprehensive statement from ESIC expected in October 2023, post-investigation.

After receiving a Notice of Charge on August 30, Holmlund contested the allegations. This spurred ESIC into a deeper probe, and although the suspension remains intact, Holmlund has a window till October 6 to present any new evidence for consideration.

In a statement from ESIC, they emphasised the seriousness of the charges.

“Considering the gravity of the allegations, Mr. Holmlund’s current active participation in an ESIC-affiliated event, and being satisfied with the compelling evidence presented in its further investigation, ESIC has elected to suspend Mr Holmlund via a Rejection Order Notice,” it says.

The intricate investigation procedure includes a thorough analysis of digital imprints such as IP addresses, device specifics, and browser data; meticulous scrutiny of individual bets placed during the mentioned events; and a deep dive into betting trends concerning his professional engagement, among other aspects.

ESIC, established in 2015, is a non-profit entity that has been striving to uphold the sanctity of esports. With partnerships spanning betting firms, event organizers, governmental agencies, and other esports key players, its influence is noteworthy.

GODSENT, while commenting on the situation on the social media platform X said they were co-operating with ESIC’s investigation.

“Joel’s suspension from Godsent followed us being informed of serious allegations relating to match-fixing and betting in between the 27th of March and the 1st of May, on our own and other matches, coming from relevant parties in the industry,” they wrote.

“As soon as we retrieved the information we immediately suspended Joel from play. Then we have been closely collaborating with ESIC in helping them build a case and collecting evidence in collaboration with third parties.”

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