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After a career as support player for Origin and Fnatics, Jesse “Jesiz” Le announced he’ll be the new strategic coach for Misfits.

The young player is no stranger to the coach position, between 2015 and 2016 he was analyst for Team Dignitas in the NA LCS. In 2016 he assumed a coaching position with the now disbanded Team Immortals. After his return to the EU LCS, the Danish support played for Fnatics, then he went to Origen as a loan.

Jesiz won the first EU Masters with Origen with a record of 3-0. This player was also the key to Fnatics’ success in the 2017 World Championship. The team managed to reach the quarterfinals, only to be taken down by Royal Never Give Up (RNG). Both Fnatics and RNG will face once again in the 2018 Mid-Season Invitational.

The schedule for the EU LCS Summer Split is not available yet but it should start around the first week of June. On his new team, Jesiz will act as a strategic coach and support substitute. With Jesiz in the coaching staff, the team hopes to improve in order to qualify to the World Championship.

Misfits ended the Spring Split in seventh place, the team didn’t qualify for the play-offs. It was the worst result the team ever had since its creation in 2016. The team went head to head with SK Telecom T1 in quarterfinals, they lost 3-2 a positive result considering their opponent.

This is the first step taken by Misfits heading to the Summer Split and the World Championship.

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