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The Witchwood is the latest addition to the Hearthstone universe. Blizzard teased a new PvE mode with the newest expansion. Two weeks after the release of the Witchwood, Monster Hunt is now available for all players.

Following the steps of Dungeon Run from the previous expansion “Kobalds & Catacombs”, this new mode is only for the bravest. Every player can pick one of the four Legendary heroes and their tailor-made deck of cards and must clear all eight challenges, losing will require you to restart the run from the begging.

The four heroes available are:

Tess Greymane: Tess belongs to the Rogue class. This new hero introduces a unique power called Scavenge. This ability allows her to discover which class spell was used in the game. With a great hero, comes a great villain. Tess must face Captain Shivers if she wants to reach the end.

Darius Crowley: Fire! is the power for this warrior hero. Darius shots different cannons and every time he loses a minion, the cannons refresh. The nemesis on his way is no other than Lord Godfrey.

Houndmaster Shaw: This hero can summon a Bloodhound thanks to Dog Whistle. Houndmaster’s ability is possible thanks to Rush, a new keyword introduced on this expansion. This Hunter hero fights against Glinda Crowskin.

Toki, Time-Tinker: Last but not least. Toki has one of the most interesting abilities, he can start the player’s turn over again. This ability is known as Temporal Loop and it’s a great tool against an alternate version of Toki.

The heroes must defeat their nemesis but this is not the end of the road. The final boss is Hagatha the Witch, another legendary card. This witch set the Witchwood curse.

Players that come on top will be awarded with the exclusive Monster Hunt card back.

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