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Blizzard has released another expansion for Hearthstone, with it being announced to celebrate the Year of the Raven.

The Witchwood is officially the eighth Hearthstone expansion and the first of 2018 and it comes as we have recently said goodbye to the Year of the Mammoth.

This expansion takes us all the way to the wicked wood in the Gilneas region. Despite the grim appearance, the locals visited the woods frequently. The peace they once enjoyed was destroyed by Hagatha the Witch. The curse set upon the woods turned it into a place out of a nightmare. Shadows, eerie figures and monsters haunt the woods. Those brave enough to enter The Witchwood never return.

Collectible Cards

Cards are the core of Hearthstone. There wouldn’t be collectible card games without the cards. On this occasion the expansion will include the standard 135 new cards, divided the usual way between neutral and class cards. The expansion follows the standards being the nine heroes in the game will receive exclusive cards plus the legendary minion cards.


The Witchwood introduces three new keywords to the game:

    Start of the Game: It gets activated at the start of the game. Three cards contain the keyword, Baku the Mooneater, Genn Greymane and Prince Malchezaar.
    Echo: It allows the player to use the same card multiple times. The card is copied to the user’s hand multiple time and will be removed once their turn ends. Players can keep copying the card as long as they have mana. Only Unstable Evolution has the mechanic without the keyword on the text.
    Rush: Not to be confused with Charge. Rush allows the minions to attack once they are summoned. Said minions cannot attack the hero. This keyword was included on 18 cards from The Witchwood.

Game Mode

A new single-player game mode will be introduced “Monster Hunt” which will have four special heroes with exclusive powers and new cards. This game mode has some facts in common with Dungeon Runs, a game mode introduced on previous expansions. It will have 9 different monsters to clear through. The exact release date is yet to be determined.


The experience would not be complete without a new battlefield. It features a mysterious tree, a house that looks like it belongs to a witch and a brewing potion. Additionally, those that pre-ordered a bundle will enjoy one exclusive card back called “In a Dark Wood”.

The Meta

New cards will change the game. Currently there are several deck guides based on the new cards.
The highlight of the new Meta is the Elemental Shaman Deck. Shaman’s decks are not particularly popular. The Witchwood promises to make it relevant again. Special mention to Hagatha The Witch, the new legendary card.

How To Get The Witchwood?

The Witchwood is the beginning of a new year for the Hearthstone world. The card packs are available in the shop, the price and options remain the same. These cards cards could also be crafted however players will need the regular amount of Arcane Dust. Every time a player finishes an Arena run, they will receive one card pack from The Witchwood.

As an incentive, Blizzard is rewarding the players that log into the game with three card packs to celebrate the release.

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