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FlyQuest’s League of Legends division is reportedly making a significant roster change ahead of the LCS Summer Split 2024.

Veteran mid-laner Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen is rumoured to be benched for the entire split, with Song “Quad” Su-hyeong set to be promoted to the main roster from FlyQuest Challengers.

Quad has had a notable journey in his career, starting with DRX as an academy mid-laner before moving to Gen.G and NS RedForce.

In 2024, he debuted in the LCS with FlyQuest Challengers.

Initially known as a Cassiopeia specialist, Quad has since expanded his champion pool significantly, showcasing his versatility and growth as a professional player.

FlyQuest Challengers had an impressive spring split, finishing first in the regular season and sweeping Maryville University 3-0 to win the tournament.

Quad’s outstanding performance, particularly his expertise on meta champions like Ahri, Taliyah, and Corki, earned him a promotion to the main roster.

Notably, Quad led the NACL mid-laners in kills and had the second-highest KDA in the spring split, with an impressive 879 average damage to champions per minute, according to Oracle’s Elixir.

FlyQuest’s main roster also had a strong start in the spring split, quickly becoming fan favourites.

Despite finishing first in the regular season, they fell short in the playoff finals against Team Liquid and struggled at the Mid-Season Invitational.

As a result, FlyQuest is likely looking to Quad to reinvigorate the team’s performance and push them back into championship contention.

With Jensen potentially benched, his future remains uncertain.

He might transfer to another team for the summer split or take a temporary break from competitive play to pursue streaming, a common path for many pro players in similar situations.

The only expected roster change for FlyQuest is Quad’s promotion, as the team believes they have the building blocks for a championship and need that one piece to propel them to the top.

Quad’s addition could provide the needed firepower and fresh perspective to help FlyQuest reclaim their position as top contenders in the LCS.

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