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FIFA made a ground-breaking announcement during the RLCS London Major, unveiling plans for the Rocket League World Cup.

This marks a significant shift as FIFA, traditionally associated with its football simulation games, embraces Rocket League as its new esports platform.

The move has been well-received by fans and organizations alike, signalling a fresh direction for FIFAe.

The tournament will feature teams from 16 different countries, selected based on their representation in previous RLCS events.

Countries like the USA, Canada, France, Australia, Brazil, and the UK are expected to field strong teams, given their established presence in the Rocket League competitive scene.

However, with only 12 countries represented at the recent London Major and several of those having fewer than three players, there’s ample opportunity for new talent from other nations to emerge.

One of the notable aspects of this announcement is FIFA’s commitment to inclusivity.

Players not affiliated with professional organizations will have opportunities to qualify through national tournaments, accessible via

This approach aims to democratize access to esports at a national level, aligning with FIFA’s broader goals of expanding its esports footprint beyond traditional football simulations.

Christian Volk, Director of eFootball and Gaming at FIFA, emphasized the significance of this partnership, stating, “The FIFAe World Cup featuring Rocket League marks a new era for FIFAe, providing a ground-breaking platform for FIFA’s member associations to compete on one of the most relevant esports titles.”

As details continue to unfold throughout the year, including specifics on format and additional participating nations, the Rocket League World Cup under FIFA’s banner promises to be a pivotal event in the esports calendar, bridging football’s global appeal with the exciting dynamics of vehicle soccer.

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