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X7 Esports has made public the acquisition of the British esports franchise, London Esports. The Isle of Man-based esports organization took to their official Twitter page to announce the development.

In light of the acquisition, Alfie Wright, the Founder and CEO of London Esports, was accorded the office of X7 Esports’ Chief Operating Officer. The former COO, Trev Hardwood, who was recruited from Absolved will leave the position and resort to a different role within the organization. The new role is, however, yet to be announced, and neither were the financial details of the acquisition.

“We are excited to announce our acquisition of British esports organization London Esports,” the report read.

“As a result of the acquisition, London Esports’ Founder & CEO, Alfie Wright, has been named X7 Esports’ new Chief Operating Officer (COO), with Trev Harwood (formerly Absolved) stepping down into a different role [not yet announced] for the company,” it continued.

As a part of the acquisition, the London Esports office located at Here East technology campus in London will be operated by X7. According to Wright and Josh Kingett, Founder and CEO of X7 Esports, respectively, the facility will serve as a base of operations for the organization.

Wright’s new job description will see him responsible for a variety of tasks, including the optimization of the company’s business development, the expansion of its partnership portfolio, and the diversification of its revenue streams. Meg Sunshine’s appointment as the organization’s Partnerships Executive was just recently announced, which served to further strengthen the partnership team.

Wright reacted to the acquisition and his new role, describing it as the perfect opportunity to use his experience in securing a long-term future for X7 ESports. He intends to use his rich experience with London Esports to aid in the growth of X7.

“After initial discussions with Josh regarding his plans around building X7 Esports, we both realized similarities in our ideas of what we wanted to achieve in this space,” Wright stated. “After growing London Esports for the better part of half a decade, I believe this is the perfect opportunity to use my experience alongside Josh and secure a long-term future for X7 Esports.”

He also added that he looks to cement X7’s spot in the ‘highest competitions of multiple titles.’ Speaking about the franchise’s operation in the past twelve months, Wright stated that the franchise has proven its legitimacy in the esports community.

“X7 has already proven its potential as an esports team in its previous 12 months of operations, this is the perfect time for me to come on board, working alongside Josh and the team to help steady the ship as we look to cement our spot at the highest competitions in multiple titles.”

Kingett has hinted at the possibility of X7 expanding to other titles away from its traditional League of Legends participation. He had given the reason why the franchise was only participating in LoL competitions as a result of his lack of knowledge of other titles. He also noted that the recruitment of Alfie is meant to address that lack as he is knowledgeable on other titles having run London Esports.

“I think the reason why we started in League of Legends originally was, I’m a League of Legends [fan] through and through, that’s kind of my bread and butter,” Kingett commented. “So moving into any other title, I’m not afraid to say that I don’t have a Scooby-Doo when it comes to the structure needed or you know, what the right setting and infrastructure is. So having Alfie here is great because now we have subject matter experts in those games that we were less familiar with.”

This marks the third acquisition that X7 Esports has added to its roster in the past nine months. Both Bulldog Esports and Absolved were recently acquired by the organization. Through these deals, key staff members from each of those companies joined X7 Esports as well.

X7 Esports has recently made a name for itself within the League of Legends European Regional League. This is in part due to the fact that the company’s business model involves recruiting Korean and Chinese professional players.

London Esports, which was founded in 2017 has since had rosters of professional players competing in regional competitions across various esports titles, including Valorant, Rocket League, and League of Legends.

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