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The Esports Trade Association (ESTA) has announced its collaboration with Morgan Stanley Global Sports & Entertainment on the launch of its first Esports Business Symposium. The virtual conference starts at 11am EDT on May 19, 2022, and is said to display a series of events and discussions regarding a variety of topics at the front line of the gaming and esports industry.

The conference will focus on the advancement of digital experiences and platforms, such as the Metaverse and Web3, and also the benefits esports offers in the business world. There will be sessions for interactions on topics such as monetization, branding, diversion, inclusion, etc, with renowned experts and thought-leaders in the gaming industry. Also, there will be discussions on the global spectrum of esports, and attendants will be provided with insights into the gaming industry’s mainstream: “culturalization”. 

The collaboration between Morgan Stanley and the ESTA is purposed at providing the gaming community with access, opportunities, education, and other invaluable assets while engaging them with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to excel in the industry. The expected audience at the virtual event includes business leaders, and current and upcoming esports professionals. 

Sandra Richards – the Head of Global Sports & Entertainment and Segment Sales & Engagement at Morgan Stanley – stated that the company is only scratching the surface of the possibilities of esports.

“The future around the business of esports is vast, and all things demonstrate that we’re just scratching the surface. More importantly, esports is a pathway for better personal opportunities and outcomes, whether through earning college scholarships, winning significant prize money, or broadening personal networks and exposure through competition and engagement,”

 she said.

“It’s been great to see how the growth has positively influenced those involved. Our place in all of this is to ensure that our team of Global Sports Entertainment Directors and Financial Advisors are made available to steer gamers, their families, businesses, and other esports community stakeholders toward sound financial decisions that will yield more sustained success throughout their journeys.

“That includes anything from wealth building, financial planning, and other key areas of importance that can lay a solid financial foundation for them to embark on whatever endeavors they choose. We’re thrilled to be working with the Esports Trading Association to carry out this mission.”

The Founder and Managing Director of the Esports Trade Association, Megan Van Petten, said the symposium is an opportunity to highlight the possibilities of collaborating with Morgan Stanley GSE on the pursuit of the advancement of the esports community.

”We are excited for the Esports Business Symposium because it is an opportunity to highlight our collaboration with Morgan Stanley Global Sports & Entertainment and the work we are doing to advance the interests of the esports community,”

 she said.

“Meaningful relationships with top minds in the industry working towards a common goal is what we do best, and we are incredibly grateful for this collaboration.”

John Davidson, Board Chair of the Esports Trade Association, added that the goal of the organization has always been to synthesize an industry player with an outsider who can play a huge role in advancing the community.

“Our mission has always been to bring two groups of people together. Those within the esports industry and those from the outside who can help advance the interest of gamers and everyone involved in esports as the trade continues to grow,”
 he said.

“Our work with Morgan Stanley Global Sports & Entertainment speaks to the success of unique collaborations. The future of esports is incredibly bright especially with experts coming together at events like the Esports Business Symposium to discuss how we advance the sport to the next level.”

Morgan Stanley Global Sports & Entertainment, which is a division of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, is aimed at solving the needs of professional athletes, entertainers, executives, creators, and top professionals in the entertainment and sports world. The firm is greatly involved in the esports industry due to its growth and opportunities for businesses involved.

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