Overwatch  ESL AU and NZ Championship 2017

ESL Australia has officially announced Overwatch will be added to the 2017 ESL AU & NZ Championship, joining the likes of Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Rocket League.

Starting early March and finishing late April, the Championship features two open cups per month for four team to quality into a monthly final. The monthly finals have a $1,000 AUD prize pool up-for-grabs for the winners, as well as a qualifying spot for the $10,000 AUD offline finals in May.

The schedule for the tournament is as follows:


  • Sunday, 12th March – Overwatch Cup #1
  • Saturday, 18th March – Overwatch Cup #2
  • Sunday, 19th March – Overwatch March Monthly Final ($1,000 AUD prize pool)


  • Sunday, 2nd April – Overwatch Cup #3
  • Sunday, 9th April – Overwatch Cup #4
  • Sunday, 23rd April – Overwatch April Monthly Final ($1,000 AUD prize pool)


  • TBA – Overwatch ESL AU & NZ Championship Final ($10,000 AUD prize pool)

If you and your friends are interested in participating in Overwatch professionally, you can register for Cup 1 and Cup 2 once more information is released by ESL Australia.

About Nathan Misa:

Nathan Misa is a former editor of eSportBet.com and is a sometimes contributor for the site in 2018. He is passionate about the eSports industry and can often be found playing Overwatch, if he is not betting on it.

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