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Overwatch 2 is finally on the horizon, despite no official release date for the Blizzard Games first-person shooter. The sequel was announced on November 1 during BlizzCon 2019.

The developer promises to bring exciting new content on the day of its launch, including new characters, maps, and modes. The big distinction from the original title is that Overwatch 2 will have a new story mode, new maps (one of them being in Rio de Janeiro), and new skins of the original Overwatch characters.


In the game’s promotional trailer, Blizzard introduced a small roster of the heroes that will be in the game. Game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that the 31 characters currently available in Overwatch will also be playable in the sequel, and the developer will continue to add more to the lineup.

Is there a release date yet for Overwatch 2?

Not at the moment. Overwatch 2 is still in the development process, and Blizzard did not announce any dates or timeline during BlizzCon. At the event, fans were able to test the Rio de Janeiro map and the new Avanço mode, but it remains to be seen how much more content will be included in the end product. The official release statement and the trailer did not include a set date.

What are the major changes for Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 brings will include two PvE (Player versus Environment) modes: campaign and cooperative. For the first time, players will be able to enter missions and team up with friends to face enemies controlled by AI.

The PvP (Player versus Player) options include a new Push mode: a map in which the two teams dispute the possession of a robot, positioned at the center. The objective is to take it to the enemy base, and the team that goes the furthest in hostile territory wins. New maps in Overwatch 2 will include Toronto, Gothenburg, Monte Carlo, and Rio de Janeiro.

Those who already have the first Overwatch will have their progress and collectibles available in the sequel. In addition, there will be an integration system between players of the two games. Users of the first game who do not wish to purchase the sequel will be able to participate in multiplayer PvP with Overwatch 2 players. This way, old and new players can benefit from Blizzard’s new release.


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