Boombl4 does not want to leave Russia to continue this CSGO career
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhaylov has shared his test results to prove that he is clean from drugs. The former Natus Vincere in-game leader was accused of using drugs earlier in the month, and he opted to provide proof to show his innocence.

The Russian took to social media to share the news. He uploaded a picture of him holding the test cartridge, alongside the actual result, with a caption thanking everyone.

“All clean thx for your support everyone.”

Boombl4’s decision to undertake the test was due to allegations from his ex-wife Angelika “LiQueen” Mikhailova. She released a video claiming Boombl4 was addicted to mephedrone, a drug often compared to cocaine. In the video, he was allegedly snorting a white powdery substance.

The professional player chose to show proof that he was clean rather than exchange words with his ex-wife. However, he stated that he will be filling libel suits for fake information.

Via a tweet, he confirmed their divorce and said he would not stand for blackmail.

“Today I got divorced from my wife and was blackmailed with various photos/videos and also a huge amount of fake information. Soon I will be filing libel suits. Many thanks to everyone for the support and understanding at a difficult time for me.”

The couple got engaged at the live event of the 2021 PGL Stockholm Major. Boombl4 proposed immediately after NAVI were crowned champions for defeating G2 Esports in the grand finals. Barely six months later, controversy followed as LiQueen posted a photo with the Russian flag painted on her cheek.

Many saw that as a sign of support for Ukraine’s invasion by Russia. Her actions in April resulted in his dismissal from the team, with NAVI stating “reputational risks” as the reason.

“After the PGL Major Antwerp, the NAVI esports club excluded Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhailov from the active CS: GO roster. This decision is related to high reputational risks for the club, and it is not the result of his game.

“We thank Boombl4 for his three years with NAVI and his dedication and contribution to the victory at the PGL Major Stockholm 2021, Intel Grand Slam 3, and other major championships.”

Boombl4’s dismissal came after the Ukrainian organization lost to FaZe Clan in the PGL Antwerp Major in May. However, NAVI made it clear that his performance was not a factor in the decision.

The player released a statement apologizing for being quiet about his wife’s “inappropriate” publications.

The 23-year-old is currently inactive and is yet to join another team.

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