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ESB brings you free Counter-Strike: Global Offensive picks for three CCT Central Europe Series #2 matches on Thursday, September 29, with the best odds courtesy of BetOnline. Here are our selections for Endpoint vs K23, forZe vs los kogutos, and 9z Team vs HONORIS.


Best Odds: Endpoint -119.05 at BetOnline | K23 -108.7 at BetOnline
When: September 29, 2022 | 10:00 CEST
Watch Live: Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/cct_en)

K23 finished the CCT Central Europe Series #2 group stage with a 3-1 record – slightly below expectations, but a fair outcome. They lost their first series of the tournament against eSuba (0-2) and then bounced back with wins against BIG Academy (2-1), For The Win (2-0), and HONORIS (2-1).

With those three victories, K23 are 8-4 over their last 12 outings, translating to a slightly lower win rate than their figures show over the last three months (70.8%). But that’s still much better than Endpoint, who have won just one third (33.35%) of their games over the same stretch.

As a directly invited team, Endpoint didn’t need to play in the group stage, but perhaps some more playtime would have benefitted them. Endpoint have won just two of eight games since dropping out of IEM Road to Rio European RMR Open Qualifier #3, and even though one of those wins came against Natus Vincere, that means very little.

Endpoint might have a higher ceiling, but considering their recent showings, we have to trust K23.

K23 to win



Best Odds: forZe -322.58 at BetOnline | LK +231 at BetOnline
When: September 29, 2022 | 10:00 CEST
Watch Live: Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/cct_en)

Los kogutos dragged themselves into the playoffs with a 3-2 group stage record which includes wins against BIG Academy (2-0), Nexus Gaming (2-0), and ex-SKADE (2-0), and two defeats against SINNERS Esports (0-2) and Illuminar (0-2). While that record doesn’t look great, their only defeats came against the winners and the group stage runners-up. But they now have to play ForZe, who are a much stronger team.

Still, while forZe are undeniably capable of much greater things, we haven’t seen much of that across the last couple of months. Since placing second in IEM Road to Rio European RMR Open Qualifier #2 in August, forZe have made little progress and have won just two of five games this month.

Even though los kogutos are individually not as strong as the Russian squad, forZe look weak enough for us to believe they can slip. Therefore, we’re backing the underdogs with a map handicap.

los kogutos +1.5 maps



Best Odds: 9z -357.14 at BetOnline | HONORIS +250 at BetOnline
When: September 29, 2022 | 10:00 CEST
Watch Live: Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/cct_en)

HONORIS had to dig deep to reach the playoffs, even though they won their last match of the group stage quite convincingly with 16-11, 7-16, 16-4 against ENTERPRISE Esports. Besides that, HONORIS also won against ex-SKADE (2-0) and Apeks (2-0).

However, the recently released SKADE players are not in a good spot, and Apeks had to put their entire roster on break due to bad results, so beating those two is hardly something to write home about. With all due respect, HONORIS did not show anything during the group stage, and their most notable achievement was winning maps against BLUEJAYS (1-2) and K23 (1-2).

9z Team played their last match on Saturday when they lost against Wolsung in ESEA Cash Cup: Europe – Autumn 2022 #1, adding another disappointing result to their record. As a team that won IEM Road to Rio American RMR Open Qualifiers #2 in August, 9z shouldn’t be losing games like that, but perhaps it has more to do with them not caring too much about ESEA.

9z are stronger than HONORIS, and despite their recent shaky showings, this is their game to lose. 9z Team to win 2-0 at evens or higher is the right call.

9z Team -1.5 maps


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