COD Warzone release date leaks
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The official release date for Call of Duty Warzone 2 was leaked to the excitement of fans of the game.

The release date for Modern Warfare 2 was revealed to be on October 28, leaving Warzone series fans trying to figure out the time the second part of the famous battle royale would be available to the public.

Reports suggest the game is on course to be released on November 16, 2022.

Activision previously revealed that Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 were both being worked on with the same engine. The esports games developer also disclosed its intention of using the upcoming Call of Duty event to give more information about Warzone 2.

Both pieces of information seemed to suggest that the anticipated second iteration of the COD esports game would be available not long after Warfare 2 was to be released.

The unconfirmed information released to the public indicated that the assumption was accurate, and the release date of Warzone 2 was not far off.

The circulated image from Activision’s leaked document revealed that the game would be released on November 16. The news has spread past the thrilled Call of Duty fans to several social media platforms.

A popular Call of Duty page, CharlieIntel, reposted the information in the Warzone community on their official Twitter account. If the information has truth to it, then gamers would be able to get Warzone 2 less than a month after Modern Warfare is officially released.

Unlike the problems fans faced when Warzone Pacific was released in the last holiday season, the leaked dates for Warzone 2 signified that they would have an easier time now. The dates indicate that before leaving for their Christmas holiday, the developers on the task would be given ample time to sort out bugs or any other problems that could occur during or after the launch. This would ensure that players do not encounter problems that they would be forced to endure until after the holiday.

Modern Warfare 2 and WarZone 2 will have a space of three weeks between their release dates, and this will ensure that the players have time to stock up on weapons. This could possibly help their performance during the battle royale.
The game Call of Duty Warzone was initially made as an extension of Modern Warfare.

The developers originally did not intend to make the game an independent battle royale.
As a result of this, Warzone 2 started having development issues concerning its already large size. Due to the already bloated nature, Warzone 2 was not a sustainable game.

To change this, developers are working to build the game from the roots up as an independent battle royale. This will give players a smoother and longer playtime with fewer crashes and bugs.

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