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The third season of Apex Legends Mobile has been announced to officially kick off on October 18. It is tagged Apex Legends Mobile: Champions and said to feature several new improvements, including buffs, nerfs, a map update, and most likely a new legend.

Respawn Entertainment, the game’s developer, has managed to keep fans’ anticipation concerning the new season high by maintaining a high-quality level of storytelling on the game’s mobile platform.

On October 11, the game developer shared a tweet on their official Twitter account revealing the Apex Legends Mobile: Champions’ launch trailer. The trailer goes deeper into Fade’s story and shows where the mobile-first legend was approached by a large ship with a gladiator-like arena. The trailer also introduces some new characters to Apex Mobile, like Ash.

The legend is one of the most popular from the original PC and console version of Apex Legends. The mobile roster will likely feature Ash and a new POI in King’s Canyon. The POI is presumably part of the takeover of the new town.

Champions will delve into the story behind Apex Legends a bit further than most and show how Ash will merge with the mobile game’s meta. At the moment, it is yet to be known if the legend will have any alterations to her kit.

Besides Ash, the trailer of Apex Legends Mobile Season 3 revealed a mysterious new character who, from the look of things, has some unspecified history with Fade.

The trailer depicted the new character as the manager/overseer of the Apex Games and the host of a gladiator-like event. The competition will feature Legends fighting against each other with their fists in what looks like a new town takeover from the known Kings Canyon.

Respawn’s official announcement tweet was captioned “Enter the ring.” This could mean the new season would have a POI akin to Pathfinder’s Olympus Fight Night from Apex Legend’s console and PC version. From the looks of things, aspects of Fight Night will be altered for the mobile game and, as a result, give Apex fans a whole new experience.

Respawn and EA received mostly positive feedback when Apex Legends Mobile was first launched. Fans were most of all taken by Legends like Fade, who were introduced to them with the launch.

The legend is yet to be released on Apex Legends’ original PC and console version. However, with the positive reactions from fans, Fade may find himself in the game’s original version soon.

With the new season a few days away, Respawn will most likely send out more information concerning further details about Champions, like battle pass content and shop rotations. The game developer may also inform fans if Ash, who was featured in the trailer, would have new ability perks.

Season 15 of Apex Legend on PC and console is also schedule to be released, and according to leaked, unconfirmed reports, it will feature a new map on Boreas, Seer’s home planet. The new season will also likely have a new legend and is rumored to be released on Tuesday, November 1, after the Fight or Fright event comes to an end.

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