Apex Legends news - ALGS structure changes for 2023
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Developer of Apex Legends, EA has disclosed its plan for the third year of the Apex Legends Global Series, which is scheduled to take place from the beginning of October.

The most prestigious professional tournament for Apex Legends esports will feature a prize pool of $5 million (£4.32 million), three international LAN tournaments and several modifications to the competitive setting from the previous year’s season of play.

The forthcoming ALGS will feature competition on two different levels: the ALGS Pro League, which is reserved for fully-fledged professional Apex Legends teams, and the Challenger Circuit, which is reserved for semi-professional clubs.

In addition, there will be a total of three LAN contests held during the event. The first live arena competition of the year, the Split 1 Playoffs, will take place in the early months of 2023 and it will be preceded by the Split 2 Playoffs in the spring of that same year.

The Year 3 Championship, which will be the most significant Apex Legends LAN event of the year, is slated to take place in the summer of 2023.

There is currently no information available regarding the locations of these LAN events.

Even though the basic structure of the ALGS will continue to be two Pro League divisions, followed by playoffs, the format of the circuit is going to undergo some revisions in the near future.

The number of teams in the Pro League in each region has been capped at 30 to guarantee the highest level of play. In the second year of competition, each region featured 40 different teams.

The 30 teams that will compete will be selected as follows: 22 teams will be invited directly, and the remaining eight teams will be chosen based on their performance in a preparatory preseason qualifier.

The teams that have been invited to compete in this year’s event were also disclosed. In the Pro League, renowned esports teams from all over the globe will compete against one another.

Some of these teams include Fnatic, Team Singularity, Detonator, Natus Vincere, 100 Thieves, TSM, Team Liquid, G2 and Alliance.

As a component of the environmental variability meant to foster greater engagement amongst both players and viewers, there are going to be Regional Finals on the final day of every regular season Pro League split.

The top 20 squads out of each region’s Pro League will compete in these games, which will be played in the match point structure that Apex esports aficionados are already used to from major events such as the ALGS Championship.

The winner of the final battle will have their spot locked down for the LAN.

In addition to that, the Challenger Circuit, which is the second-tier tournament, has been modernised. The schedule of the events will determine whether the champions of each Challenger Circuit game will secure an automatic berth to the Split Two Pro League or to the Last Chance Qualifier.

The ALGS has been steadily gaining a significant amount of interest ever since its first season, which began in the year 2020. Esports Charts reports that more than 630,000 viewers watched the conclusion of the ALGS Year 2 competition in June of last year.

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