00 Nation's Taco is not yet returning to competitive CSGO play
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00 Nation’s Brazilian division has been strengthened by the addition of experienced and well-known local personnel. The Norwegian esports organization, formerly known as Nordavind DNB, houses its CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege teams in Brazil


The franchise has appointed Ricardo “dead” Sinigaglia (formerly of MIBR) as Global Esports Director. Additionally, Fred Tannure (formerly of Flamengo) and Chico Tattini (previously of Rensga and INTZ) have been appointed as Head of Marketing and Head of Partnerships, respectively, for the new Brazil-focused team.

Also, Cleber “Fuzi” Fonseca – one of the owners of CNB eSports Club – has been appointed as Marketing Manager for 00 Nation. In the meantime, Victor Freire, Ed Vicentini, and Nuno Miranda will be joining the operations team.

The restructuring of the executive team is in line with the organization’s renewal of its CS:GO team, which now includes well-known Brazilian players such as Marcelo “Coldzera” David and Epitácio “TACO” de Melo.

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Sinigaglia and Tannure spoke about the future of the 00 Nation’s roster and their plans for the newly acquired players. The leaders of the organization have stated that one of their goals is to establish a connection with their target demographic, and they plan to do this by simultaneously cultivating a robust competitive spirit and producing content that focuses on lifestyle.

“We want to create a community for 00 Nation that still does not exist here. We want people really supporting the team,” Tannure said.

Sinigaglia also emphasized that its Brazilian division is not shut down and that new hires will be made as the project progresses.

“We can make good initial work with the names we have. As we expand, we will look into the market for people we believe to have the profile of the company we are building,”

 he said.

In addition to the announcements regarding personnel change, 00 Nation also revealed that the peripherals brand Redragon will be sponsoring their CS:GO and Rainbow Six teams in Brazil.

 Tattini, who had previously dealt with commercial deals involving INTZ and Rensga, and Tannure, who has already worked with Redragon in Flamengo Esports, were the ones who initiated contact.

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