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X1 Esports announced today that they will be closing the operations of Rix.GG, their UK-based esports team.

Rix.GG took to their Twitter page to make the announcement, thanking the players, staff, creators, and fans for their contributions to the organization’s growth in the past years.

“As of today Rix will be ceasing operations,” the franchise’s tweet read.

“To every player, staff member and creator that’s been with us, thank you for making this organisation what it was.

“To everyone that supported us through thick and thin, thank you.

“Thank you for everything. #GatherTheStorm.”

Rix.GG launched in July 2020 as a part of X1 Esports’ expansion into the European market. The team quickly gained a following and success in a variety of competitions, including the 2022 Icons Global Championship (Wild Rift) and the RLCS Season X Winter EU Major (Rocket League).

However, despite their initial success, X1 Esports have decided to close the operations of Rix.GG due to financial constraints and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the esports industry.

Rix’s Chief Gaming Officer, Zack “cZer” Chandler, spoke about the unfortunate development.

“Rix was built on the fundamentals of trying to do things right in this industry, and making sure people were valued and cared after,” cZer said.

“I personally want to thank every single player that’s walked through these doors for the time they spent with us.

“Having the ability to work with talent on this scale made me truly grateful for the position I’m in. I want to thank every content creator that flew our banner and showed their love for the org. And finally thanking every staff member that gave their blood sweat and tears for this org.

“We are a family of people that cared about inclusion, fairness and respect. And that will never change.”

The closure of Rix.GG marks a significant loss for the UK esports scene. They were one of the few British esports teams to have achieved success at international level.

X1 Esports have assured fans that they will continue to invest in the esports industry and remain committed to their Rocket League news website, Shift Media, and talent management company, Tyrus LLC, stating that they will “no longer be in the business of competitive playing of video games by teams for cash prizes”.

X1 Esports formerly fielded rosters Rocket League, Fortnite, Valorant, and the League of Legends mobile game Wild Rift. Their decision to shut down is a result of the current global economic uncertainty and the rising cost of living, which has negatively impacted the organization’s revenues.

This announcement follows closely on the heels of German esports organization Cowana Gaming’s decision to shut down operations. According to multiple reports, Rix and Cowana Gaming may be the first of several teams to face closure in the coming months.

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