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While they did it tough against one of the best teams in the world, Virtus Pro (VP) demonstrated their superiority in the Grands Final of the Dota 2 Kuala Lumpur Major, bringing home $350,000 and 4,950 Dota Pro Circuit Points after vanquishing Team Secret.

Virtus Pro had been one of our favourites throughout the tournament. In our tips section, we consistently showed what makes them one of the best Dota 2 squads in the world.

Let’s take a look at how the Kuala Lumpur Major was won.

Analysis of KL Major Grand Final – Game 1

In game one, Team Secret challenged against the meta of the patch, picking Shadow Shaman as one of core heroes, while Terrorblade was played by Nisha, the carry position player from Team Secret.

Their ideal strategy was to let Shadow Shaman pressure enemies by getting all the tier one and tier two towers before the 25-minute mark. The idea was to have more control over the map, giving Terrorblade all of his core items as soon as possible.

Team Secret did well up until 19-minute mark. Shadow Shaman took down the tier 1 tower of middle lane before the six minute-mark and Terrorblade also secured the tier 1 tower from the top lane at the seven minute-mark.

Shadow Shaman purchased Eul’s Scepter of Divinity to protect himself from Storm Spirit in the team fight and they won a team fight at 17-minute mark, started by Storm Spirit rushing to kill Shadow Shaman. However, Dazzle from Team Secret protected him with Shallow Grave (Dazzle’s second skill), and Shadow Shaman used Eul’s Scepter of Divinity to buy more time for himself to survive in the team fight. That battle ended with annihilation of fourheroes from Virtus Pro, except Enigma, who had been pressuring the middle lane during the whole team fight, while Team Secret only lost Dazzle.

Virtus Pro suppressed Team Secret in every team fight afterwards. Team Secret stuck to their plan and Shadow Shaman always tried to make a surprise gank on Storm Spirit. Centaur Warchief played by Solo, the position 5 support player from VP, used his ultimate skill — Stampede — to help Storm Spirit escape from the gank and even turned the fight in their favour.

After Team Secret suffered two losses in large-scale team fights as a result of Rodjer’s (Position four player from Virtus Pro) Enigma caught at least three heroes from Team Secret with Blackhole.

Team Secret was forced to call GG when Virtus Pro went high ground to fight them, ignoring all tower’s damage or high ground advantage that Team Secret had. That battle resulted in no casualties suffered by Virtus Pro but Team Secret used all their buyback and lost melee and range barracks of bottom lane.

Analysis of KL Major Grand Final – Game 2

In game two, Team Secret drafted Arc Warden, the most imbalanced carry in this patch for Nisha. On top of that, they made a crucial last pick — Broodmother — to counter the Invoker from Virtus Pro, control the map and create space for Arc Warden.

Virtus Pro respected the Broodmother pick from Team Secret and sent Invoker to bottom lane, while Tiny will faced off against Broodmother in the middle lane.

However, that movement of Virtus Pro had turned the Weaver, played by Yapzor, position 4 support player from Team Secret, into a beast. Weaver accomplished six kills (three kills was contributed on Invoker’s death) at 10-minute mark and had 3330 net worth, even higher than three other core heroes in the game, positioning himself as one of the top four net worth in the game.

As the game went on, Team Secret had a 7000 net worth advantage lead at the 20-minute mark, while Invoker only had 6000 net worth and Weaver had 7300.

At the 23-minute mark Rodjer finally had Blink Dagger on his Enigma, and started a team fight in Roshan Pit by catching both Arc Warden and Broodmother with Blackhole, eventually winning the team fight and allowed VP kicked back into the game by securing Aegis of Immortal for the Slark, played by Ramzee from Virtus Pro.

Team Secret took back the position of in charging of the game at 35-minute mark when they won a huge team fight after both teams spent three buybacks. Team Secret had 10,000 net worth lead after securing themselves both melee and range barracks of top lane and middle lane.

Not only that, Team Secret also completed their objective of getting Aegis of Immortal and Cheese immediately after Virtus Pro’s heroes re-spawn.

Virtus Pro struggled for another five minutes, and they called GG at 40-minute mark when Team Secret got wiped out Virtus Pro in another team fight.

Analysis of KL Major Grand Final – Game 3

In game three, Team Secret drafted Zeus, which was unexpected because VP drafted Phoenix. Zeus does not have the power to take down Phoenix’s supernova. However, Midone played Zeus incredibly in laning phase against Leshrac. Both teams played the game very slow, and Team Secret only in charge of the game at 30-minute mark after they wiped out five heroes of VP, by catching them 1 by 1.

From there, Team Secret continuously took the map control and expanded their farm ahead of VP.

Zai, the position three player from Team Secret, roamed around the map with Monkey King. His Tree dance constantly allowed Team Secret to catch and kill any hero from VP hiding in the tree. Yapzor’s Rubbick in game 3 also did a lot of fascinating play, like stealing abilities-Sunder or Sun-Ray from VP and turned the team fight into their favour.

VP surrendered at the 43-minute mark after they had no way to prevent Team Secret tearing down their throne.

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Analysis of KL Major Grand Final – Game 4

Team Secret drafted Earth Spirit for Yapzor in game four and Morphing for Nisha to secure their win.

Nisha’s Morphing has a 100% win rate — 13 wins in professional matches patched 7.19 excluding the game 4 they played.

Yapzor once again showed the world that he is one of the strongest players at using Earth Spirit. His roaming game play in the early stage of the game allowed Team Secret’s cores, except Morphing had good farm in the laning phase.

Nisha overconfidence about Morphing’s health point allowed Obsidian Destroyer solo killed Morphing once Obsidian Destroyer reached level six. VP heavily punished Morphing with Lion’s instant hex on Morphing preventing Morphing to attribute swift to strength gain.

Earth Spirit was on fire, he not only escaped from a three-men gank and even punished VP by counter killing Shadow Shaman from that gank.

9Pasha, the position 3 player from VP played Shadow Shaman in game 4, made a poor move, placing his ultimate skill — Mass Serpent Ward — in a place where was no enemies or tower nearby. Although that did not affect the game too much, 9Pasha may need to focus more when playing in such important competitions moving forward.

Neither team was having much advantage up until 37-minute mark, Terrorblade secured the Aegis of Immortal and taking the advantage into getting both melee along with range barracks of middle and bottom lane.

Virtus Pro had a 16,000 net worth lead at the 40-minute mark while Terrorblade had 33,000 of net worth and Morphing only had 19,000.

Virtus Pro had forced their way into game five when they secured another Aegis of Immortal for Terrorblade and Cheese for Obsidian Destroyer to wipe out Team Secret in their own base.

Analysis of KL Major Grand Final – Game 5

In game 5, Virtus Pro drafted one of the classic off lane heroes, Magnus, to speed up their carries’ farm speed with empower. Ramzee farmed really well in that game with his Terrorblade as VP planned.

Team Secret picked Timbersaw, a hero that rarely to be picked in this tournament, however Midone utilize his ability to pressure VP throughout the early-mid stage. Team Secret started to take the game over when Yapzor once again did an incredible Echo Slam on 4 enemies and turn the fight into their favour at 18-minute mark.

Necrophos from Team Secret had his Crimson Guard at 19-minute mark blocking a lot of damage in team fight, game got even harder for VP thanks to Zai’s item built.

Despite that, Dragon Knight constantly catching Team Secret off guard 1 by 1, allowing VP get back into the game and secured Aegis of Immortal at 27 minute-mark after eliminating 4 heroes from Team Secret.

From there, we could see that Timbersaw is getting out of the game and Team Secret forced to hide in their base while VP kept on farming, as the game went on, VP secured themselves the title of Kuala Lumpur Major by winning the game with Terrorblade went rage and immortal.

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