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In a stunning update, Riot Games announced today that one of the most promising North American VALORANT teams will not be making its debut in the VCT Americas League in 2024.

According to a new post, The Guard, a fan favourite organization, failed to meet the deadline to agree to the league’s team participation agreement “after several months and rounds of communication.”

As a result, they will no longer be participating in the 2024 VCT Americas League, much to the surprise of fans and players alike.

Additionally, no other teams from the Challengers scene—including M80, the runner ups from the Challenger Ascension tournament — will be promoted to the main league.

Instead, Riot has decided to run the following season with the same 10 teams as before, causing an uproar within the VALORANT community.

For The Guard’s roster, it seems that today’s news came as a complete surprise, with multiple players and their coach indicating that none of them knew of the decision beforehand.

Michael “neT” Bernet displayed his displeasure with how things were handled and the betray he feels towards his organisation for taking away this opportunity.

Meanwhile, the coach of The Guard, Josh “JoshRT” Lee, joined neT in displaying his displeasure with the decision and even said that he will be looking to move on from the VALORANT organisation when he becomes a free agent.

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