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LoL Betting Odds: T1 -149.25 at BetOnline | DAMWON +112 at BetOnline
LoL Betting Lines: T1 -1.5 at +211 | DAMWON +1.5 at -294.12
When: July 1, 2020 at 17:00 KST
Watch Live: Lolesports, Twitch


T1 and DAMWON Gaming will kick off the third week of the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) 2020 Summer on Wednesday in their first best-of-three (Bo3) meeting of the split.

The only loss T1 have suffered so far this split came on the opening day, when Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and co. had to admit defeat to DragonX (1-2). Other than that, they defeated Hanwha Life (2-1), Afreeca Freecs (2-1) and most recently SANDBOX Gaming (2-0). Despite the 3-1 record, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

The biggest issue with T1 is not a lack of individual quality, as all five players are putting up high marks. Instead, the issue lies in their suboptimal approach to drafts, which cost them maps in their clashes with Hanwha Life and Afreeca Freecs.

Even so, there is no denying T1’s overall strength. Their vision control is one of the highest in the league, and the individual performances from mid laner Faker, ADC Park “Teddy” Jin-seong and top laner Kim “Canna” Chang-dong are well above the league’s average. All three are have contributed more than 24% each of the team’s damage share this split.

As for T1’s jungle position, both Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan and Choi “Ellim” El-lim have impressed when given the chance. Ellim has the better stats with a league-high 18.3 KDA and a 63.3% KPAR compared to Cuzz’s 3.1 KDA and 68.3% KPAR, albeit with fewer games played. It remains to be seen who T1 will field for this match, but either way, it’s fair to say they should not fear a massive jungle gap.

Talking about jungle gap, that is exactly what DAMWON Gaming will look to accomplish to disrupt the flow of the game and prevent T1 from playing at their own pace. While the favourites have two strong options in that position, the solid form of Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu suggests DAMWON are not without hope there.

DAMWON defeated SANDBOX (2-0) and SeolHaeOne Prince (2-0) in convincing fashion in the opening round, but they came up short in a tight tussle with Gen.G (1-2) last week. They bounce back in a big way against KT Rolster (2-0), however, as DAMWON needed just under 45 minutes to end the series and only 21:38 to win the second map, which is by far the shortest game of the split.

How much a commanding win against a 1-3 team means is up to debate, but it should at least serve as a massive morale boost for DAMWON as they get ready to face the most successful team in the history of LoL esports.


Both T1 and DAMWON field some of the brightest talents in the scene, so it’s hard to set them apart quality-wise. Esports bookmakers, however, seem to agree T1 are the most likely winners here, which is not quite how we see it.

The last time these teams met was at the end of May during the group stage of the Mid-Season Cup, where DAMWON Gaming won 1-0. They also defeated T1 in April, during Week 7 of the LCK Spring.

The win condition for T1 will be getting Teddy ahead and allowing him to carry them to victory. That, however, can easily be countered by DAMWON, who have a solid ADC in Jang “Ghost” Yong-jun and can also count on Canyon to pressure the bottom lane and get his teammate ahead.

This has all the ingredients for a close bout, so over 2.5 maps is the logical bet to make. An outright bet on DAMWON is also something to consider, but we will go for the safer option here.

Over 2.5 maps

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