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Riot Games, the creator of VALORANT, revealed yesterday that Split is now active in the competitive queue once more, barely one day after it was disabled. Although the creators did not specify what breach caused the map to be disabled, it is widely assumed that the recent Jett exploit in Heaven drove Riot to respond quickly.

Following the dissemination of a popular Jett updraft exploit that let the player land on a light beyond Heaven approaching the A-site, Riot removed Split from competitive queues on June 9.

Riot teased the new VALORANT map earlier today. The early unveiling depicted a vast town with an ocean beneath a dome. The sentence “Celebrate our city, the wonder under the waves, and the day of the sanctuary” was translated into Portuguese, indicating that the next map will most likely be in Portuguese.

VALORANT will most likely get the aqua-themed map later. The precise release date for the battle, on the other hand, has yet to be disclosed.

Why Riot Games took Split out of rotation

Due to the discovery of a map exploit, the publishers of Riot Games withdrew Split from the competitive VALORANT queue a few days ago. Despite the fact that this hack has been in the game for a long time, it has recently gained popularity on social media platforms such as Reddit.

The lights could be used as a place to land for updrafts on Jett. They had to perch on the boxes on the defender’s part of heaven’s entrance, using both updrafts toward the attacking side’s entrance wall. After slowly sliding downward, players may fall onto one of the lights just above the entrance.

Jett players were able to get a bird’s-eye view of heaven, which is one of the most critical aspects of the offense. The distance occupied by the spot was the rope area, which connects the middle of the map to heaven.

Riot probably thought that players would not be able to get to that high of a point on the map, so the clipping was not on purpose.

A new map will be added to the VALORANT map pool shortly. Mike “Valorleaks”, a VALORANT database miner and popular community personality, revealed on June 7 that the new map’s codename is “Pitt”. Not much else is known about the map, but Cynprel from Valorleaks says that it may be in Lisbon, Portugal.

VALORANT player amenbo discloses a new hiding area for Jett:

In “A Heaven on Split”, a brave player found a new point that Jett can reach by using both of his updraft skills.

In VALORANT, hiding areas are a great option to save your weapons if you are the last player surviving on your squad in a circumstance with minimal chance of winning. Ammunition is pricey, so holding on to your weapon rather than trying to clutch it and lose it is often the wiser option. Some locations, such as a new area in A Heaven on Split, are only accessible through certain agents.

Jett can use an upper position in A Heaven on Split as a hiding area. Jett can use her updraft skill to land on a number of lights well above the area. These spots offer a great view of the entire area, including the rope link. Most players will miss this when they are looking for the last player, which lets Jett players get an unexpected kill or keep their weapon. 

In most cases, Jett’s capabilities would be better utilized elsewhere, so we don’t advocate using this area unless absolutely necessary. Don’t store both Updrafts just for the secret hideout; they will be more useful to your squad throughout the round.

Other players should keep this location in mind if they are looking for a Jett player in order to prevent letting them conserve their weapon or score a sneaky kill. The hiding area may be eliminated in a future update, but it’s worth remembering for now.

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