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Eric ‘Snip3down’ Wrona is back on the competitive field just a day after the player announced his retirement. While he has retired from Halo, the 24-year was earlier today unveiled as a part of FaZe Clan’s first pro Apex Legends roster.

The American esports franchise unveiled their newly formed roster that will be participating in the upcoming Apex Legends season. The team revealed that the roster will be headlined by the Halo veteran who started his Apex Legends journey in 2020 under famous rosters like Rogue and TSM. While with TSM, he finished in third place in the ALGS Championship in 2021.

SlurpeeG will join Snip3down on FaZe’s pro Apex squad. The player is one of the best controller fraggers in North America and had participated with SXG and G-Force in the Apex Legends Global Series Pro League.

Snip3down competitively played in Halo for 15 years and, became one of the best known players in the esports title. For the last two years, the player was a part of TSM, FaZe, and eUnited’s lineups.

Snip3down revealed his decision to retire from pro Halo competitions previously. However, FaZe’s announcement shows that Snip3down is not entirely ready to give up competitive gaming just yet.

FaZe made the announcement via a video on Twitter but did not reveal who the third player was. According to reports, the third spot may be reserved for TSM player Mac “Albralelie” Beckwith. Over the past few months, the player has competed with the team in several tournaments.

Albralelie was an original member of TSM’s first Apex comprehensive roster until he switched to content creation in 2020. The player announced his retirement from professional play but stood in for Team Liquid and Cloud9. Albralelie last participated in the ALGS 2022 Championship.

If FaZe acquires the player, it is uncertain if he will carry on as TSM’s content creator, like in his previous engagements with other franchises. It is also yet to be confirmed if the American squad are waiting to finalize contract negotiations in other for the player to be announced.

The 22-year-old is the obvious choice for the group, mainly because the ALGS will kick off in a few weeks, and not signing him up could put FaZe’s position in the Pro League in danger.

The team seems like the perfect champion-winning team on paper, but their performance in tournaments will decide if they will actually produce good results.

FaZe’s entry into the North American Apex Legends scene marks the arrival of yet another notable team in the esports title. Apex’s North American scene has several famous Apex squads, including Cloud9, TSM, 100 Thieves, NRG, Team Liquid, and others.

Besides FaZe Clan, Apex fans expect big things in the NA pro scene from DarkZero. The reigning ALGS champions recently moved from Australia, their base, to the NA pro scene. DarkZero will now compete in the US for the 2023 ALGS competition.

FaZe Clan will begin their ALGS run on November 6 and might not find the playing field as easy as expected. The franchise’s announced roster could also make a difference for them.

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