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In a stacked tournament featuring favourites from dominant regions like North America and APAC South, REJECT WINNITY made history as the first APAC North team to clinch an Apex Legends Global Series betting Split 1 Playoffs victory.

They also became the first team outside of the usual triumvirate of TSM, DarkZero Esports, or Reignite to do so.

The South Korean trio of Lim “Obly” Jung-hyun, Lee “KaronPe” Min-hyuk, and Han “SangJoon” Sang-jun etched their names into Apex Legends lore with their unwavering consistency and commitment to their team composition, which notably included Wattson, a character long considered out of favour in the pro meta.

Despite Wattson’s defensive nature, they matched FNATIC for the most kills in the final lobby, proving their adaptability and skill.

In a fiercely contested series of matches, it seemed like multiple LAN champions DarkZero would once again snatch the trophy.

However, in the decisive game, a tough rotation for DarkZero led to a cascade of third-party engagements, ultimately giving REJECT the opportunity to dominate the final zone.

Reflecting on their victory, Obly explained their confidence in Wattson, highlighting her ability to defend areas and deter aggressive pushes from teams relying on characters like Bloodhound.

He also noted that recent nerfs to SMGs benefited Wattson and their all-mouse-and-keyboard team.

Despite acknowledging the perceived advantage of controller players, Obly emphasized the importance of team synergy, which ultimately led to their success.

The triumph wasn’t just for REJECT; it marked a victory for all mouse-and-keyboard players, with REJECT being the first all-MnK team to win an ALGS LAN since 2019.

Their win, along with the seventh-place finish of all-MnK team Aurora, showcased the strength of mouse-and-keyboard play in the competitive scene.

REJECT’s win not only shattered expectations but also served as a rallying cry for APAC North teams.

Obly expressed his belief that APAC teams have the potential to succeed but often lack confidence.

Their victory should inspire other teams from the region to believe in their abilities and strive for greatness.

As the season progresses, all eyes are now on the Split 2 Playoffs in August, although the location is yet to be confirmed.

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