PUBG Global Championship Betting Guide

PUBG Corporation will hold their third ever PUBG Global Championship on November 1, where 32 of the best teams in the world will be invited to the final event of the year. The PUBG Global Championship will be held in Dubai at the Dubai Exhibition Centre, where all of the teams will be battling it out over 19 days of gameplay for the US$2,000,000 prize pool. In this PUBG Global Championship betting guide you will find PUBG Global Championship details, teams, the prize pool distribution and odds from the best PUBG betting sites.

PUBG Global Championship Details

  • PUBG Global Championship venue: Dubai Exhibition Centre
  • PUBG Global Championship start date: November 1, 2022
  • PUBG Global Championship finish date: November 20, 2022

The winner of the 2022 PUBG Global Championship will take home the US$600,000 winners cheque, while there will be a $10,000 prize for the MVP of the entire tournament.

The four regions that teams will be invited from will be; 12 teams from Asia, eight teams from Europe, six teams from Asia-Pacific and six teams from The Americas.

The 2022 PUBG Global Championship will return from a two-year hiatus with fans finally getting to see a season ending tournament once again, following the covid cancellations.

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PUBG Global Championship 2022 Teams

The teams for the 2023 PUBG Global Championship have not been announced.

PUBG Global Championship Odds

The odds are not available for the 2023 PUBG Global Championship as of yet.

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PUBG Global Championship Format

The format for the 2022 PUBG Global Championship has been announced with the details of what will happen across the 19 days of play.

Week One

  • Week One – Group Stage

    November 1 – 6

    • Prior to Week One, the teams will be split into two groups – Group A and B
    • Each group will compete for three days, playing five matches per day

    Based on the outcomes of the Group Stage, the top eight teams from each group will be placed in the Winners Bracket, while the bottom eight teams from each group will be placed in the Loser’s Bracket.

Week Two

  • Week Two – Winners Bracket

    November 8 – 9

    • The Winner Bracket consists of 10 matches over two days
    • The top eight teams in the Winners Bracket will earn direct entry into the grand final
    • The bottom eight teams will be placed into the upcoming Loser’s Bracket 2 for another chance
  • Week Two – Loser’s Bracket 1

    November 10 – 11

    • The Loser’s Bracket 1 will contain bottom eight teams from Group A and B
    • These 16 teams will also compete in 10 matches over two days
    • The top winning half will advance to the next Loser’s Bracket 2
    • The remaining seven teams from the bottom half will be sent the Grand Survival with the very last team being eliminated
  • Week Two – Loser’s Bracket 2

    November 12 – 13

    • The Loser’s Bracket 2 consists of 10 matches over two days
    • Only the top four teams will be granted places to the Finals
    • The remaining 12 teams will be moving on to the Grand Survival


Week Three

  • Week Three – Grand Survival

    November 14

    • The last week of the PGC 2022 will begin with a Grand Survival with a total of 19 teams
    • 12 teams from the Loser’s Bracket 2
    • Seven teams from the Loser’s Bracket 1, with the bottom three teams from the Loser’s Bracket 1 included on the waiting list

    The Grand Survival will only grant four final chances to the Grand Finals where 16 teams will battle it out to become the last team standing.

  • Week Three – Grand Final

    November 17 – 20

    • The Grand Final will take place over four days with five matches per day
    • Whoever ranked on the top of the list will be the new champions of the PUBG Global Championship

The PUBG Global Championships Qualification

PUBGAll of the teams that have qualified for PUBG Global Championship have qualified through many of the different events and leagues across the world.

Many of the teams will be invited in accordance to their PGC Points tally from this year’s PUBG Global Championship events.

Teams will qualify through winning the; PCS 7:Asia, PCS 7: Europe, PCS 7: Americas and PCS 7: Asia Pacific. Other PUBG Global Championship teams will rely on their PGC Points from; Asia, Europe, Asia Pacific, America, North America/Latin America, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and the Middle East to qualify.

PUBG Global Championships Prize Pool Distribution

The prize pool for the 2022 PUBG Global Championship will be US$2,000,000, however, 30% of PGC 2022 items revenue will go directly into the prize pool. Therefore, the prize pool will change before the start of the tournament. The PUBG Global Championship prize money puts it as one of the richest tournaments on the esports calendar.

All prize money is in $USD

  • 1st – $1,008,338
  • 2nd – $504,169
  • 3rd – $252,085
  • 4th – $218,473
  • 5th – $184,862
  • 6th – $151,251
  • 7th – $134,445
  • 8th – $117,639
  • 9th – $92,431
  • 10th – $84,028
  • 11th – $75,625
  • 12th – $67,223
  • 13th – $58,820
  • 14th – $50,417
  • 15th – $42,014
  • 16th – $33,611
  • 17th32nd – $16,772

How to bet on the PUBG Global Championship 2022

The PUBG Global Championship is one of the major esports events on the esports calendar for November, 2022, with it set to feature prominently at the top esports betting sites.

It is a straight-forward process finding a PUBG betting site, with our bookie links on this page all geo-targeted to only show you brands that you are eligible to sign up with.

Many of the top PUBG Global Championship betting sites have got betting sign up bonuses for new customers, while major events, like this one generally have some other promotions surrounding them, including free bet offers.

What bookmakers you can join to wager on the PUBG Global Championships will largely be determined by your location. For instance, Australian bookmakers are fully regulated and must be licensed in this country.

Same goes for many USA betting sites, which must have regulation in each state they operate in. This means some betting sites, in Jew Jersey for instance, might be different to other US states such as Pennsylvania or West Virginia.

How to watch the PUBG Global Championship

The PUBG Global Championship will be streamed across the PUBG owned Twitch and Youtube streams across the three weeks of play. This means it is free to watch the PUBG Global Championship, meaning bettors can easily access live vision and bet on their chosen matches.

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