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PUBG Mobile announced on Friday the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile Club Open 2020 Spring Split is open for registrations, giving the players a heads up to move quickly, assemble their squads and get ready to set foot in what will be the biggest season for PUBG Mobile esports scene to date.

The registrations for PMCO 2020 Spring Split have opened on Friday, January 3 and will close later this month, on Tuesday, January 21, giving the players just under three weeks to squad up, get ready to lock horns against the best and compete for the largest slice of US $1 million prize pool.

The PMCO 2020 is a tournament organized by VSPN, Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation and sponsored by VIVO, which will be divided into two splits – spring and fall. The tournament will feature players and squads from 15 regions across the globe compete and pave their way to the first PUBG Mobile World Championship 2020 later this year.

PMCO 2020 Spring Split will be divided into six stages and feature 15 regions.

PUBG Mobile Club Open 2020 Spring Split Schedule

  • Stage 1: Registration (Jan 3 – Jan 21)
  • Stage 2: Qualifications (Jan 23 – Feb 2)
  • Stage 3: Regional Group Stage (February)
  • Stage 4: Regional Semi-Finals (February)
  • Stage 5: Regional Finals (February)
  • Stage 6: World League (May)

Regions: LATAM, Europe, Middle East & Africa, South Asia, “SEA Wildcard”, North America, Brazil, Turkey, CIS, Germany, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, India and Pakistan, as well as a “Wildcard” region. Same as last year, the tournament will be played across four maps – Vikendi, Miramar, Erangel and Sanhok

The registration process for the teams will take them through five stages, starting with the creation of the club and filling out the registration form, which would allow for the teams to participate in the qualifiers for the PMCO group stage.
Eight teams who will earn the most points from up to 32 games will be qualified for the next stage, whereas only the top five teams will get a ticket for the PMCO Group Stage.

The 2019 PMCO saw a prize pool of $2.5 million, with the Fall Split finals of the tournament played in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in November-December. The grand finals featured 16 teams from 10 regions, who competed in 18 fixtures throughout the preliminary stage and 16 fixtures in the grand finals.

The title of the 2019 champions fell into the hands of Bigetron RA from Indonesia who swept the competition, ending the tournament with 303 points and $205,000 in their pockets. At the second place, we saw a Chinese team TOP Esports who earned 197 points and $105,000 in prize winnings, while Thai team MEGA.Conqueror accumulated 191 points, which earned them a bronze medal and $55,000.

The PMCO Spring Split serve as a springboard for the PUBG Mobile Esports in 2020, including Pro Leagues in South Asia, Americas and SEA – all will lead to PUBG Mobile World League, which will be followed by the culminating event of the season – PUBG Mobile World Championship 2020.

Tencent announced in December total prize pool for PUBG Mobile Esports in 2020 will reach $5 million, which is a massive 223% jump compared to the previous year and 810% increase compared to the overall prize pool in PUBG Mobile tournaments in 2018. In 2018 PUBG Mobile saw a total of six tournaments, which paid out $617,069.08 in tournament winnings, while in 2019 there were 20 PUBG Mobile tournaments throughout the year, which paid out a grand total of $2,239,044 to the players and the teams.

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