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OverActive Media and financial services company TD Bank have been in partnership for over two years. However, they have recently signed a multi-year multi-million dollar partnership expansion.

The media company made the announcement via its official website, listing some of the terms of the agreement. According to the release, there will be several activations with the primary purpose of fostering fan engagement.

The first point of action will be in the Toronto Defiant’s Fan Appreciation Weekend, which will commence in August. From then, both parties will pull off other activities, including;
● Toronto Defiant Summer Showdown from September 8 to 11
● remodeling the TD Player Lounge at OverActive’s headquarters
● launch of the Canadian Overwatch Fest to celebrate the Overwatch community in Canada

Speaking on the deal, Senior Vice-President, Partnerships & Revenue, OverActive Media, Tyler Keena, expressed excitement about the deal. He pointed out that the deal will help the company continue to build a fan community in the country.

“We’re extremely excited to extend our relationship with TD. The long-term commitment to our business and the expanded scope of the sponsorship will help us to collectively elevate and deliver unique fan experiences across our Toronto teams in the coming years. Together, we see a path to continuing to build fandom and community amongst passionate esports fans across Canada.”

The Vice-President, Brand & Corporate Sponsorships, TD, Michael Armstrong, also commented on the deal. He said that TD is proud to help improve the fan experience for the Toronto Defiants and Toronto Ultra.

“TD is proud to work together again with OverActive to help build on the momentum across esports and to help amplify the fan experience for the Toronto Ultra and Toronto Defiant. We look forward to continuing to engage with fans and customers in the gaming community and helping to sustain a sense of connectedness across esports platforms for the next generation of gamers.”

OverActive is the parent company of three esports organizations, MAD Lions, Toronto Ultra, and Toronto Defiant. However, the sponsorship expansion will cover only the two Canadian-based teams – Toronto Ultra and Toronto Defiant.

Additionally, all OverActive’s Call of Duty and Overwatch League YouTube broadcasts will feature the bank’s brand. Custom content that will feature the brand’s logo will also be created.

Both Toronto-based teams also have other partnerships with notable brands like Bell, SCUF Gaming, Canon, etc.

Although this deal does not cover MAD Lions, the European esports organization already signed a lucrative deal with Zilliqa. The partnership with the blockchain company resulted in a big boost in OverActive’s first-quarter financial report.

The report showed that the company is doing a lot better than it did at this stage in 2021. Although there was a little increase in their loss due to increased operating costs, OverActive saw a significant increase in its revenue growth.

The MAD League of Legends team are ready to compete in the 2022 LEC Summer. They will be looking to better their seventh-placed finish in the Spring.

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