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Michał “⁠MICHU⁠” Müller was signed to IKLA’s international counter-strike lineup on Tuesday after over a year in free agency.

With the move, MICHU joins the Ukrainian esports organization’s current Counter-Strike players, Alexey “⁠Topa⁠” Topchienko and Vladislav “⁠Kvem⁠” Korol on the lineup.

MICHU’s last stint as a full player was with MAD Lions between January and April 2022. The player stayed on with the rest of the lineup when the organization shut down their CS:GO operations in April and transfer-listed all the players.

He was a part of Benched Heroes between August and September 2022 before serving a short stint on Apeks in December of that year. MICHU’s last recorded official game was with Apeks when the team suffered a short period of roster instability.

The CS:GO player also previously played with top-tier teams like Evil Geniuses,, and Envy. recorded several deep runs in tournaments with MICHU on the lineup.

They notably reached a 3-4th finish in the Intel Extreme Masters Shanghai 2018 and runner-up at the V4 Future Sports Festival 2018 & 2019 and the CSGO Asia Championships 2018.

MICHU recorded a 1.08 rating in 2022, reaching 1.11 during his short stint with MAD Lions. He also accumulated a 1.04 impact rate and 0.70 kills per round. Against top-tiered competition within the top 20 rankings, the player reached a 0.96 rating over 26 maps. On the other hand, MICHU fared much better against the top 50, averaging a 1.02 rating over 52 maps.

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