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eSport Betting Predictions

Starting Week 5, most teams are in contention with a few other teams for their positions. Team Liquid, 100 Thieves, CounterLogic Gaming and Echo Fox crowd the first place spot. Clutch Gaming, FlyQuest, Team SoloMid and Golden Guardians hover the 5-8th place spots while Cloud9 and Optic Gaming bring up the bottom tier. This trend will most likely be continuing until Week 7 or 8 where most teams will begin solidifying their playoff spots.

In North America, the prevalence of upsets is huge. Using last season’s standings are reference, over half of the matches involving a clearly higher place team versing a clearly lower place team ends up in an ‘upset’. Golden Guardians and FlyQuest are the main culprits of these upsets, with CounterLogic Gaming, formerly 7th, now standing at one of the 1st place spots. sign up and claim exclusive esports betting bonuses


Betting Predictions for Saturday June 21

Echo Fox vs 100 Thieves

2pm PST / 5pm EST

Rick Fox and the Foxes try to nab a win off Nadeshot’s Thieves in the first match of the day. At the beginning of this game, both teams stand at a 5-3 record. This will be a battle of map divisions and jungler focus with two very different playstyles.

Perhaps the most damning statistic is the KP%. Most on FOX sport high 60 to 70 KP% while the 100T hover from low 60 to barely cresting 70. This may seem small but the extra team playing kill can turn into a powerful rotation for FOX. FOX will be calling on their top jungle duo in Huni and Dardoch to carry the game, but the two players have not been able to consistently make a strong showing in the early game. The midgame is where they start to pop off, and against 100T, that is a dangerous prospect considering their game is basically decided upon how fed Cody Sun is. HOWEVER, this week Cody Sun has started for the academy team….which may bode ill for their matchups this week. Although Ssumday has provided a secondary win condition to 100T, making the top lane the primary win lane may not be in 100T’s best synergistic decision.

Betting prediction:Echo Fox (regardless if Cody Sun plays) to win, paying -120.48 at BetOnline.

Cloud9 vs Team Liquid

3pm PST / 6pm PST

The big yikes from Twitch was warranted after C9’s brutal 2-6 start to the season. Unfortunately for the boys in blue, they get to tussle with TL, who remains one of the top favorites to win Summer 2018.

As much as fans would love to support C9, it has been revealed that Svenskeren is being subbed out for who is predicted to be Blaber from C9A. And although the duo of Jensen and Sneaky are back, jungle presence in the early game is incredibly important. Overall, C9 have a more shaky foundation due to team synergy because of the constant roster changes. Against TL, who have cemented their win conditions with Pobelter and Doublelift’s excellent KDA and KP% over the past seasons, C9 needs to pull off some miraculous things to win this matchup.

Betting prediction:Team Liquid to win, paying -175.44 at BetOnline.

Team SoloMid vs Optic Gaming

4pm PST / 7pm EST

After a decent start, Optic has fallen to one of the lower teams due to their inability to progress into the midgame and close out. TSM on the other hand have had mixed success running their standard, orthodox laning builds from last season. However, when these two teams clash, the predicted outcome is quite clear.

OPT will need divine assistance and quite a bit of it. Again, PowerOfEvil remains the shining laner in the game, boasting the highest KDA, KP% and a myriad of other stats. He remains the crux of the team while OPT struggles to find a consistent top and support player. And when a team plays with a shaky support, that directly affects the ADC, in this case Arrow. With weak lanes top and bot, Akaadian has no choice but to try and snowball mid…against the king himself, Bjergsen. TSM has a very win lane win game style for the longest time, and this season Zven is cementing himself as a very powerful win condition. When it comes to solo lane prowess, TSM is very difficult to beat and will have to be dismantled using unconventional strategies or superior teamfighting. Both of which OPT seem to lack.

Betting prediction:Team SoloMid to win, paying -357.14 at BetOnline.

Golden Guardians vs CounterLogic Gaming

5pm PST / 8pm EST

What a comeback the Guardians have made, standing one game behind CLG with a nice 4-4 record. The former last place team, the joke of the LCS have now made a name for themselves and aim to win against last week’s top NA Fantasy LoL performers.

The two teams have very similar win conditions; feed CLG Stixxay and feed GGs Deftly. Although Huhi and Mickey are definitely in the upper eschelon of mid laners, the primary carry for both these teams will be the ADC battle. Each matchup on the team is so similar in almost every respect – top lane with lowest KP% on each team but geared towards carry split push, junglers with super heavy support based kits and KDA, support with KDA and KP%. In every respect, CLG barely outedges each of their countepartes. Another factor will be how fast GGs can push their lead, as CLG will more than likely win should the game hit past 35 or 40 minutes in.

Betting prediction:CounterLogic Gaming to win, paying -200 at BetOnline.

FlyQuest vs Clutch Gaming

5pm PST / 8pm EST

Ending the game will be two of the 4-4 teams deciding which one moves up in standings and which moves down. Last week FLY upset the prominent TL to everybody’s surprise while CG looked incredibly unclean at best in their matches.

The most surprising thing about FLY is that their win condition is very convoluted. Their statistics do not point towards significantly towards Keane nor Wildturtle but both remain an important piece to the puzzle called winning. Santorin and Flame are average players for their roles from past performances, with the main standout being JayJ from support. The only thing that can be surely said is that if Santorin gets shut down, FLY gets shut down due to early game activity. CG, despite their consistent showings early on, have only managed a 4-4 record. Febiven and Apollo remain the standout performers with Hakuho supporting them well. LirA has also had a…mediocre showing, neither good nor bad, with Solo being the weak link when it comes to rotational and teamfighting play. Despite their similar records, CG has a more consistent and well rounded roster than FLY.

Betting prediction:Clutch Gaming to win, paying -138.89 at BetOnline.

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